Claire; 4th Class

Tiger Beetle by Ogie, 3rd Class

Timmy the Beetle by Gavin; 3rd Class

Essies's Beetle; 4th Class

Tri-coloured Jewel Beetle by Brid; 3rd Class

Lantern Bug; by Ross 4th Class

Paris Peacock Butterfly by Lucy

Martin's Butterfly; 4th Class

Odhran's ladybird; 4th Class

Eliza's Bee; 4th Class

Grace; 2nd Class

Kaelin 6th Class

Molly; 5th Class

Jessica; 3rd Class

Gavin; 3rd Class

Essie; 4th Class

Odhran; 4th Class

Aoibhinn; 4th Class

Mia 1st Class!

Aoife 2nd Class!

Nature Art; Sadhbh 4th Class

Nature Art; Torianna 4th Class

Nature Art; Roisin 4th

Nature Art; Ross 4th Class

Nature Art; Katie 3rd

Nature Art; Odhran 4th

Nature Art; Jack 3rd.

Nature Art ; Kathleen 3rd

Flower Art; Alex 3rd Class

Flower Art; Claire, 4th Class

Donnagh 6th Class

Knitting! Well done Leo; 5th!

Art and Craft with Grace, Ruth, Liam, Megan and Tommy!

Arwen ( juniors)and her sister Roybn

Joe's Robot; Junior Infants

Mia and Kate ( and their sister) with RoboCopGirl!

Art and Craft; Layla, Aoife, Noah and Oliver!

Jessica; 3rd Class ( Collage)

My Viking; Alex 3rd Class

My Viking; Odhran 4th Class

A Viking; Jack 3rd Class

Annabeth, the main character in Heroes of Olympus; Gavin ; 3rd Class

Sadhbh; 3rd Class

Brid; Her Hobby Horse! 3rd Class

Eve and Rosa; Junior and Senior Infants!

Elsie; Junior Infants.

Adam; 5th Class ( Easter Crafting).


Lucy; 3rd Class ( Llama canvas colouring)
Marley; Senior Infants

Dan; 5th Class

Cathal; 6th Class

Eoin; Junior Infants!

Laura; 6th Class!

Abbie and Hugo; 1st and 2nd Classes!

Eabha; 2nd Class

Abbie and Hugo; 1st and 2nd classes.

Megan; Senior Infants!

Emma; 2nd Class!

Cathal 4th Class!

Ruth and Grace; Chalk Art! 5th and 6th

Claire 4th!

Gearoid 1st!

Ella 1st Class


Eoghan and Aoife; 1st Class

Darragh 6th Class

Mali 6th Class

Leo 6th Class

Roisin 4th Class