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Team Hope Boxes, Nov 2023 

The Tineteriffe Team Boxes were collected today the 15th of November.   We were delighted to fill the boot of the collector's car with forty one beautifully wrapped gifts for those in need. 

Many thanks to all the families who participated.  

Halloween Dress Up!! 


Tineteriffe was invaded by a host of witches, vampires and all sorts of ghouly monsters on Friday the 27th of October. A great day was had by all with many of the homemade costumes ( which had taken weeks to assemble), so entertaining for everyone. Even the staff were in on the act, with pirates, nuns and witches teaching the classes for the day.  

Our annual  Halloween  parade was held in the school hall, with prizes given for the best outfit in each of the classrooms. Well done everyone!!


Tineteriffe's Student Council; '23 - 24  

Well done to Tineteriffe's Student Council on their very successful 'Bake Sale'. Wonderful home-baked treats were on sale in the halla from early morning. Many thanks to all the homebakers for the goodies on offer. Just over 800 was collected on the day and the money will be used to fund the council's initiatives.   


Green School's Committee

Wonderful prizes organised by the Green School Committee.


1st and 2nd Class Tour to LIT; Go Camp

On the bus we go,
So fast we drive,
Then we passed a few cars,
When are we going to arrive?

Eoin; 2nd.

It is the day! We all come,
The teacher has to pay,
The coach wasn't dumb!
It was a great day!

James. 2nd

The zorbs were fun,
But when it was lunch,
We started to run,
We started to munch!

Kate; 2nd

On our school tour,
We had fun,
We were screaming very loud,
No clouds allowed!
The sun is beaming.

Alex. 2nd

The zorbs were fun,
liked them the most,
There was lots of sun,
and I like to boast!!

Eve. 2nd


I'm on the school tour,
I'm really excited!
We will be home at four,
I'm really delighted!

Oisin; 2nd.

It was the day of the tour,
The carts were really fun,
It was not poor,
There was lots of sun!

Ollie; 2nd.

On our school tour,
We were on KMXs
We went on a VR,
We went on a zorb,
We did a human fuseball,
Tug of war, archery,
We got a photo with Finn,
Jumper and name tags,
By the end of the day,
we had lost our tags!

Elsie; 2nd

I liked the VR best of all,
The zorbs were scary,
I hope I don't fall
The disco club was blary!

Joe 2nd.



Infants Tour to Stonehall Farm!

We got to pet a chinchilla. They come from South America. Cillian!

I saw a peacock. It was blooming ( opening its feathers). Rosie.

I saw a meerkat, a hen and a peacock. Oliver.

The meerkat was digging a hole in the sand. Tadhg.

I like the bouncy castle. I liked the go- carts too.Leon

I loved the bouncy castle and the go-carts. Eabha.

I liked the go- carts because I could go fast on them. Eoghan

I liked the talking parrot and I liked the go-carts. Sam

I saw a chincilla. The came from South America. . We had a bounce in the bouncy castle. Willow.

I liked the bouncy castle and I liked the go-carts. I liked the bunnies also. Aisling.

I liked everything. I loved the talking parrot. Roisin.

I liked the bouncy castle, the bunnies, the photos and spending time with my friends. Robyn.




5th and 6th Tour to Dublin; EPIC, Jeanie Johnston and Jump Zone

Epic Museum

When we first got off the bus we had some food and waited to go in. After that we went in the museum and they gave us these headsets so are guide could talk to us. Then we started the tour she told us to go down these step and then she just told us the rules and the finally we started. The museum was made out of really old bricks are guide shows us all the little details. It was really cool in my opinion. But she kinda rushed it all especially the fun/cool rooms.

Harriet; 5th

We  arrived at Jump Zone at half one and left around half two(maybe a bit later because we were getting ready and changed to go shopping).We started by going into a little changing room and taking off our shoes and putting on grip socks(which we got to keep) and the ‘tour guide’ gave us those wristbands that you get at concerts. He led us out on to the trampolines which were kind’ve little 1 by1 meter squares. He then showed us the ninja course with like little glass platforms you have to jump across and a climbing wall except you went across horizontally instead of vertically. There was also some other obstacles, like punching bags with ropes tied around it and you jumped from one to another. He let us jump around for a while and called us over to an area that had trampolines that you jumped across into a kind of foam pit and there was also vaults you jumped off onto some trampolines and threw yourself as far as you could(if you wanted to).After letting us mess around for another while then another group came and we had to leave and he took us over to 2 balance beams.

Liam 5th

We went to jump zone and we got these jump zone socks. After that we watched this jump zone video and then we headed out to the trampolines. There was this obstacle course and my favourite obstacle course challenge was  monkey bars but they were swinging.
We had a chance to go on these trampolines and there were loads of chances. Some trampolines were like ramps and you could do front flips.

After that we went in foam pit were there was this ladder and you climb up it and  steep trampolines,  so you bounce on it and you jump in the foam pit. It was really fun. Than after that we went to these ramps like they use in Ireland's fittest family. There was a beam where you need to knock the person in the foam pit and that was great fun.

Gearoid; 5th

Jump Zone
On Friday the 16th of June the 5th and 6th class went on their school tour to Dublin. All of the students and teachers went into the Liffey Valley shopping centre and then made their way to Jump Zones

The workers at Jump Zone showed us where to take our shoes off and they also gave us socks with grips at the bottom so you don't slip!. After that they showed us a video explaining the rules and let us go on the trampolines. 

Firstly we went on the small trampolines and a ninja warrior course!. Secondly we were over at the airbag. The airbag is like a foam pit so you jump on the trampolines and you land on the airbag!. Then they had some orange juice for us and we had a little break.

After that we headed for the trampolines again!. We had a soft thing to try and get each other to fall into the foam pit!. Shortly after we went to more trampolines and we played dodgeball. It was great fun!.
Sadly after that we were finished with Jump Zones and we headed off to shop!.

Kate. 5th

After Jump Zone, we went to a big shopping centre. We got split up into groups and went around into different shops. 

First we went to KFC, Me, Eoin, Ogie, Danny and Sean, all chipped in money to buy a family bucket to share. When we were done, we went into JD’s, we spent about 30 minutes there. Then we went to Life Style Sports, we had a quick look and I bought a cap. 

Alex; 6th

On the day of the school tour  we went shopping and it was really good. The girls wanted to go to Pennys and the boys  went to JDs. It was fun but after Jessica K got lost and so did Corey they got found so after that we went to Mcdonalds. It was a good trip.and that was our trip But the negative thing was that we barely got any time to shop.The plus thing is we all had a good day.

Jack 6th



3rd and 4th Class Tour to Ballyhass, Mallow.

Ballyhass Activity Centre, June 7th, 2023!

Rock Climbing and abseiling 

Before the rock climbing we had to put on helmets and harnesses. Then we headed over to the cliff and John Paul got attached to a rope so he couldn't fall.He got all the way to the top. Then it was Michael's turn.Hhe got to the top as well.Then finally it was my turn. I only got halfway up. After that we went home.


Maurice 4th class 



Gladiator is like an ESB pole with loads of obstacles. Cormac and John went first and they got up there like a rocket. Then they  both jumped off at the same time.Then it was me and Maurice. Ii got up but Maurice didn't. When I got up it was fair tall. I stayed up there for a minute or two and then I jumped off.Then it was Bill and Micheal. Bill got to the top Micheal didn't, then Bill jumped off.

Conor 4th Class


The Gladiator is  an obstacle course that you climb up instead of going through. You have to climb up logs,a ladder, a net, tyres and then you have to climb up one more log and you're up. Me and Daire went at the same time but we did not race. I think I got on well because I made it to the top.But when I looked down I got a shiver up my spine. If you make it to the top before  the team members let you down  you have to make an animal sound.

By Mia 4th class    

Rock Climbing and abseiling 

Before the rock climbing we had to put on helmets and harnesses. Then we headed over to the cliff and John Paul got attached to a rope so he couldn't fall.He got all the way to the top. Then it was Michael's turn.Hhe got to the top as well.Then finally it was my turn. I only got halfway up. After that we went home.

Maurice 4th class 


Aquapark BallyHass

The BallyHass school tour aquapark. The aquapark in Ballyhass was really big and they said it was the biggest aquapark in Munster. We were waiting a while for the other schools to change but once we got on in the water it was worth the wait. There was a trampoline, a big slide, there was a jumping place and even a hamster wheel. When I got on the hamster wheel with Conor and Bill we kept falling over and it was really funny. Then we went on a really big puffy balloon thingy and we kept pushing each other off and it was great crack. Overall it was a really fun day and I highly recommend going there.

By Cormac 4th class


Rock climbing and abseiling!
On Wednesday me and my class went to Ballyhass Adventure Park. Our third activity was rock climbing and abseiling! First we had to put on our harnesses and helmets. When we had our safety gear on we were all secured and  were put into groups of ten. After that we walked down the cliffs where the rock wall was! We then started climbing. It was great fun. After we made it to the top we had to lean back and walk slowly. We were not allowed to jump down because it was slanted!  Then we headed onto our 4th activity and had a great day! 

                       By Ella 4th Class!


Team challenges
The first thing we did was team games. We did an obstacle course in pairs.One person had to spot the other person. I was with Joe and I was spotting him first. Then it was my turn first I went on a balance beam then a smaller one. There was a tight rope next and a climbing net.

James; 4th Class

Our school tour to Ballyhass!

After lunch we split into groups. One group headed to do the gladiator. Our group went rock climbing and abseiling. We walked down a path and stopped at a smooth bit of a small cliff. There were ropes hanging from the cliff. Our instructor told us to try and touch the chain at the top. I went first. The instructor clipped the rope onto my harness. I used a rock that was jutting out to start. I used loads of cracks and some rocks to get to the top. Eventually I touched the chain. Beside me Ella touched the chain too. We headed down. I thought it was a bit scary going down so I went down fairly slowly. Finally I got to the bottom.  I helped with pulling the ropes. Soon everyone had a go. We finished up and went on to the next thing, which was The Gladiator!

  • Aoife, 4th class!

 Aqua Park

The aqua park is an inflatable course on the water. We went to the aqua park after an obstacle course. We had to wait for a different school to be finished getting changed into their wetsuits. When we were ready to go into the water we had to swim over to it ourselves. It was super fun. I jumped into the water and first I went on the trampoline. Next I jumped off of the tallest obstacle. It was super fun. Everyone had so much fun.

                              Joe 4th class


After the aqua park we collected our bags and walked over to the lunch area. There was a cafe so I went inside with my friends and bought an ice cream. Then we sat down on a bench and ate our lunches. The weather was so nice. When we were done we went over to the fence to look at the cool lake. After a few minutes, Billy and Sarah came to collect us to bring us to our next activity. 

Daire; 4th Class


The gladiator  is a big tall object that has obstacles on it like a net and tyres and more, that you have to climb up very high. Cormac and John Ppaul were first to go. They both did really well.I think John Paul got up first but not by very much.When it was my turn I felt a bit nervous, but I still did it. I was up against Michael. He did really well. We both got to the very top.When I looked down I was frightaned . To get down you had to hold on to your rope and jump. I wasn't that scared because I knew I was safe. 

By Bill 4th class

Ballyhass Aquapark

We went to Ballyhass for our school tour. The second activity we did was the aquapark. We went down to the changing rooms to change into our wetsuits and get ready. Then we went down to the pier and jumped into the water. The aquapark was amazing. It had three jumping platforms, a few slides, a hamster wheel, a trampoline and a big pillow in the middle. I did everything on it. The jumping platforms were my favourite. Joe and I were wrestling each other on the big pillow. The aquapark was probably my favourite thing at Ballyhass.                                     

                                       Eoghan 4th class


On the bus ride home we were all tired and a bit hungry. Some people fell asleep and some didn't. It was a long ride home that we got back at half 6. When we were driving back everyone kept asking the teacher when we would be home. The teacher came around to check on us to make sure we were ok. We said it was too hot and that she could open the sunroof. The bus driver also turned on the air conditioner too. We were delighted to be home after a long but enjoyable day.

Micheál; 4th Class


Pancake Tuesday; February 2023


Pancake Tuesday
A great day had by all on Pancake Tuesday in Tineteriffe. The Parent's Council were busy making pancakes for the appreciative pupils!! All proceeds gathered are going in aid of the Red Cross Earthquake fund.

Everyone loved the pancake toss! Who could toss the pancake the highest and catch it in the pan!! A lot of pancakes hit the floor! One even landed on the high window sill in the hall!!


Peace Proms; January 2023



Concert Practice; December 2022!!

We had a great day in the hall in Cappamore preparing for our Christmas Concert. Looking forward to the big night on Wednesday the 14th of December!! Se you all then!


Halloween Dress up in aid of the ISPCA


Student Council Bake Sale

The Tineteriffe bake sale

It was a drizzly and cloudy Friday morning and we were all hyped up. We had everything prepared for the bake sale. There was a huge selection of treats baked by many volunteers and students. The tables in the halla were packed with tasty treats.. All the council members gathered together at half ten to begin setting up. We were all very excited.

The juniors and seniors were our first customers. They immediately began to descend upon the tasty treats. It was quite chaotic racing up and down to the till but we were able to handle the chaos.

 John Paul and James managed our guess the sweets game, Jessica oversaw the till, Emma and Joe ran the 2 euro table and Brid and Maeve took care of the 2 for a 1 euro and one euro each table. Mrs Bourke helped with the sale of the tempting cakes, breads and tarts.

Then the first and second surged in to buy their delectable treats and they had a blast and the money was rolling in. The amount of sweets in the box station was crowded and was a big success.

Thankfully all the teachers helped sell the attractive goods. When the third and fourth burst through the doors we were selling like crazy. The tables were almost empty  by the time they were finished. The sweet table had lots of guesses, some a bit wild. Everyone was hoping to win!

When the fifth and sixth came in we had everything out so they began to buy all around them. Cakes, buns and so much more. It was quite crazy but very enjoyable. There was nothing under the tables any more; it was empty and bare.

Finally some parents came. They bought a good bit of stuff and took them home with bright and happy faces. Despite all of the customers there was still a few things left.

The Tineteriffe bake sale was enjoyable for all and it was profitable too. We raised nine hundred and seventy euro to go towards benches for the school. 

And not to forget students going home with happy stomachs. Especially John Paul who guessed the amount of sweets in the jar. It was one hundred and eighty seven. A special thank you to the student council and all of the teachers. And of course the students and parents for buying and baking all of our treats.  It was a great success and we are overjoyed with the outcome of our bake sale.  

Written by; Bríd, Jessica and Emma ( Student's Council Members!)


Conkers in the Infants Room


Homemade Soup; From the Infant Vegetatble Garden! October 2022.


1st and 2nd; Nature Walk in Dromalty, Autumn 2022


In the month of September 1st and 2nd class went on an Autumn walk. We observed and collected Autumn leaves and fruits. Back in the classroom we identified what we collected. We also matched leaves to their fruit/nuts and we did leaf rubbings of those leaves for Art.   


Pancake Day Returns to Tineteriffe!

Thanks to the Parent's Council for bringing back one of our favourite days in Tineteriffe! We all licked our lips and appreciatated the freshly made pancakes smothered in chocolate spread, lemon and sugar and fresh fruit!!

Many parents sent in freshly made pancakes from home to help supplement the hard work in the halla's kitchenette.

Our wonderful pancake tossing challenge was great fun with many ending up on the floor, some in the fying pan and luckily none on the ceiling!

Long may this tradition continue!!

Maths Week in the Infant Room!


Halloween Dress Up in Tineteriffe, October 2021 in aid of the ISPCA!


Tineteriffe's Junior Infants; September 2021!


Limerick Supporters!


Maths Week in the Infant Room!

Junior and senior infants were busy working with numbers during Maths week. They went on an outdoor maths trail and recorded their answers on their whiteboards. Hopscotch was a fun way to practice their numbers. They also played various maths games every day. 


Halloween Dress Up in Tineteriffe! October 2020!





Latest News!

Book List September 2020.

Junior Infants

Senior Infants








Rental of Guided Reading Books and Aistear €10


Rental of Guided Reading Books and Aistear €10

CJ Fallon

Busy at Maths Junior Infants + Home school link book

CJ Fallon

Busy at Maths Senior Infants + Home school link book


Just Handwriting Junior Infants (Pre-Cursive)


Just handwriting Senior Infants (Pre-Cursive)


Just Phonics (Junior Infants) 26 letter sounds (Orange book)


Just Phonics (Junior Infants) 42 letter sounds (Wine book)


Bua na Cainte B


Bua na Cainte B


Grow in Love Junior Infants Primary 1


Grow in Love Junior Infants Primary 1

CJ Fallon

Mindful Matters B

CJ Fallon

Mindful Matters B


2 clear plastic folders


2 clear plastic folders


3 project books


3 project books


1 paper folder


1 paper folder


2 blank copybooks


2 blank copybooks


2 medium sized pritt sticks


2 medium sized pritt sticks


3 tubs of playdough


3 tubs of playdough


5 white board markers


5 white board markers


3 pencils,rubber,topper


3 pencils,rubber,topper






A4 Whiteboard


A4 Whiteboard


Childs school bag should be big enough to fit plastic folders


Childs school bag should be big enough to fit plastic folders


NB **Names on everything please**


NB **Names on everything please**


Including Pencils, Twistables & Markers


Including Pencils, Twistables & Markers


First Class

Second Class


Here comes Buster

€ 7.30


The lost Dog



The Bouncing Castle

€ 8.60


Jills New Rollerblades



Buster’s First Book of Facts



Buster’s Second Book of Facts



Penny’s First Book of Facts



Penny’s Second Book of Facts



Bua na Cainte 1


Bua na Cainte 1


Treasury A Core Skills in English


Treasury B Core Skills in English

CJ Fallon

Busy at Maths 1

CJ Fallon

Busy at Maths 2


Grow in Love First Class


Grow in Love First Class


Maths Challenge 1


Maths Challenge 2

CJ Fallon

Brain Teasers 1

CJ Fallon

Brain Teasers 2


Just Handwriting 1 st Class Pre Cursive


Just Handwriting 2 nd Class Pre Cursive


Just Phonics First Class


Just Phonics Second Class


Revised Spellings and Tables


Revised Spellings and Tables

CJ Fallon

Mindful Matters 1

CJ Fallon

Mindful Matters 1


2 Junior Sum copies (10mm square)


2 Junior Sum copies (10mm square)


1 Notebook


1 Notebook


1 Homework Diary


1 Homework Diary


5 lined 80 page copies


5 lined 80 page copies


4 envelope plastic folders


2 envelope plastic folders


1 HB pencil


1 HB pencil


Pritt Stick


Pritt Stick


4 Whiteboard markers


4 Whiteboard markers


1 zipped plastic folder for homework


1 zipped plastic folder for homework






€20 per child Art & Craft payable in September

***Please note some books may have a different level other than class level, this is not an error***



December Visit of Animal Magic!



A flavour of behind the scenes at our Christmas Concert!


Thank you to all the boys and girls in Tineteriffe. Sixty three boxes are en route to fanilies all around the globe. Norah Collins collected the boxes from Tineteriffe on behalf of Team Hope.


Halloween Dress Up Day!!

As the ghostbusters theme song played over the intercom, all sorts of ghouls and monsters entered through Tineteriffe's front doors! Our annual dress up in aid of the ISPCA created great excitement!


Welcome to our lovely new junior infants who have settled into the the infants classroom with Mrs. Meskell!


3rd and 4th Class Tour to Rockwell!

3rd and 4th had a great day out at Rockwell Camp! Water sports and land team activities were enjoyed by all!

6th Class Trip to Fame!

6th class travelled to Dublin last week, June 19th, to the Bord Gais theatre. They went to see the Fame musical! Following their successful junior entrepeneur programme, they decided to use the profits accrued to travel to Dublin.

It was a great day out, with journeys by train and Luas to navigate!

They are also giving some of the profits from selling their cards to charity. Well done 6th class!


Infants Tour!

Our School Tour

We went to Stonehall Farm and Tons of Fun on our school tour. We went on a bus.

At the farm we saw lots of animals. The llama put back his ears and we were afraid he might spit at us. The alpacas were really fluffy. Timmy the gander was very cross. He followed Mrs Meskell and tried to bite her coat. We saw a white fluffy Husky. He was very friendly. The pretty peacocks made strange loud noises. One peacock was white. We loved the owls. Hedwig the owl stared at us. The barn owls rocked from side to side listening to us and they flew around. We saw lots of hens. Our favourite cow was Oreo because she looked like an Oreo.

We had our lunch in a big shed. After that we went on the bouncing castle and the go-karts. We had lots of fun. Then it was time to go back on the bus to Tons of Fun.

At Tons of Fun we played ‘boys catch girls’ and ‘Ireland’s Fittest Family’. We went down the yellow slide lots and lots of times. Sometimes we got stuck in it with our friends. We climbed up really high and waved down at all the grownups.

Soon it was time to go home. We had a lovely day with all our friends.


1st and 2nd Class Tour to Lahinch!

First we had our beach walk. Eleanor took us on the beach walk.  We learnt a lot of new things. This is one of the things we learned that sea weed  is in ice cream and  tooth paste and ketchup. After   the beach walk  we had lunch. After lunch we played playground. After that  we went  body boarding and surfing. Then it was time to pack up. Finally we left!

Liam and Oisin!

At  the  beach it was fun .We went body boarding.  It was fun. I liked  learning  about  the animals.


On our school tour we went to Lahinch and met a biologist. We learnt how  dog whelks eat their food and that periwinkles made the trails in rock pools .   Then we went to the surf clinic. A while later we got  our bodyboards and went to the beach . After that we went into a playground to play for a while!

Ógie and Seán

I had fun   in  Lahinch.   I was fishing in the rockpools. I jumped  on the  board.  I  got tumbled over in  the  water. I went  deeper . I  went  on  waves.  I had  lunch.


In  the morning we went for a beach walk. We went body  boarding . !was on the red team. We had a  great time .We also had  fun in  the playground.


We went on are school  tour to  Lahinch. I sat beside  Jessica . We played with our toys . I  played  with a toy puppy .




I  went to Lahinch beach. My favourite thing was  the body boarding.


We would love to go to Lahinch again. Our favourite   thing was  body boarding .    We also  liked  the  playground.  We  went for a walk and we saw periwinkles ,dog whelks and  anenomes.

Jessica and Harriet !

We went on our school tour. First we did a beach walk and learnt about creatures. Next we went to a playground to have lunch. After that we got to play in the playground before we left. Then we went body boarding it was so much fun. Finally we went back on our bus and went back to the school.


I went bodyboarding in Lahinch beach.The waves were strong. It was great fun.I wish I could do it again.It was the best school tour ever. A marine biologist took us for a walk.Her name was Eleanor  Turner. We saw an anemone, a crab, a jelly fish and a Perrywinkle. Dog whelk drill a hole in mussels.Did you know seaweed is in icecream and ketchup  and toothpaste? We also  went to the playground.We ate our lunch there too.In the playground we went on the zipline too. That was fun too. We also went on the seasaw too.We thank Mrs. Sheehan very much.

Emma and Katie!

Me and Darragh had such a good time body boarding in Lahinch. The coaches helped us use the body boards. We went out far into the sea and got huge waves that made us go into the shore!!!.We fell into the water loads of times but it was still fun!!!.And before we went body boarding we went to the park and there was this big climbing frame there. And before that there was a marine biologist that thought us loads of interesting things about sea creatures. The only bad part about the school tour was going home!

Darragh and Alex!

Having fun in the playground during lunch time!

We found loads of sea creatures. The coolest one is that I thought is strawberry anemone. I never knew that jellyfish sting when they’re dead. I found lots of animals. I found barnacles!



In the morning we met a marine  biologist . She told us about the creatures on the beach

We went body boarding .We had to be split up into four groups. There was blue red yellow and white. What we had to do is if we saw a wave we had to place the body board softly on the water and when a wave came we to kick our legs.

Lucy and Abbie!






Ready to catch some waves!




5th and 6th Class Tour!

Science Blast, May 2019!

Science Blast

On Thursday, 23 rd of May, 6 th class attended the Science Blast in Mary Immaculate.

Science Blast is a non competitive initiative which aims to support core science and maths skills in primary school children.

Our class project was called ‘How much fuel can our parents save by driving slower for a fortnight?’

We arrived at Mary I @ 8 am and we set up our STEM project stand. When our stand was put together, we got the chance to go around and look at other stands participating in the Science Blast.

At 10 am we went to see Scientific Sue. She taught us about plastic in the ocean and she showed us the effects of plastic pollution on marine life. There are a lot of alternatives to plastic, such as ‘plastic’ made from starch which does not harm marine life.

After 11am the judges came around to look at our STEM project. She told us she was an engineer and she was interested in our project as it was a ‘relevant and very practical piece of work’

Next, we went to see Marty Jopson and his show called ‘Dangerous Equations’. He did dangerous stunts while explaining the Maths behind them. He broke three pieces of wood with his hand because he had worked out how many joules needed to break it. He also sliced a teacher’s newspaper with a bull whip. He also used a tessellator to create music using an electric current.

In the final hour, the judges came back around to give us their feedback on our project. She said she was ‘extremely impressed with the group’s ability to enlist a large group of participants and diligence gathering the information’. She said our ‘evidence was clearly communicated using a mix of bar charts, pie charts and tables’ creating a ‘vibrant display’. She also said our group demonstrated ‘energy in communicating their work to the judges’ and it was a ‘testament to the passion and determination I’m sure they will bring back to their day to day work’.

We had a great day and we really recommend Science Blast.

By 6 th class



Tineteriffe Clean Up on the Eyon Road and School Grounds!

Seachtain na nGaeilge!



Our Viking Experience

Dave Swift, a Viking enthusiast came to Tineteriffe N.S on the 22 nd&23 rd of January 2019.On the 22 nd he came to 6 th class & and on the 23 rd he came to the 3rd and 4 th classroom.

Dave Swift was an archaeologist, but he lost his job during the recession. Now he is a costume organiser for movies and re enactments. He doesn’t just specialise in Vikings, he also teaches about 1916, WW2, and War of Independence.

In Viking times Limerick was called Hylmsrek. It was founded around 922 A.D. In these times swords and other weapons were valuable, shields were worth 2 horses. The swords were made out of iron.

The Vikings came to Ireland because they wanted the gold from the monasteries and all the wealthy objects like the Book of Kells.

If there was a lightning storm the monks would take refuge from the Vikings in the round towers and the lightning would blast of the roof of the round towers. Most of the time when the archaeologists find round towers the roof has been blasted off.

The Battle of Clontarf started over losing a chess game, Brian Boru won the battle decapitated by Brodir one of the key fighters during the Battle of Clontarf. After that Brodir was captured and had his stomach cut open then had his organs wrapped around a tree and was made walk around the tree ripping his insides out. The coins were minted by a man called Sitric Silken Beard, the coins were extremely thin and very lightweight.

In conclusion, it was very interesting and we learned loads.

Written by Alex and Sally. 6th Class!


Our Viking Visit

Dave Swift, an expert on Vikings, came to our school on Wednesday 23 rd of January on behalf of the Heritage Council.

Dave is an archaeologist and a stunt man from Ballinasloe, Co.Galway. He has been part of TV projects for BBC, RTE and even acted as Christan Bale’s stunt double in a movie once!

When Dave arrived we saw him setting up his gear, which included amazing replicas of shields, swords, clothes and jewellery from Viking times. It was very exciting to watch.

First, he spoke to us about the important dates relating to Vikings in Ireland. He passed around some artefacts throughout the day. He showed us PowerPoints on defence, daily life and medicine, and even showed us some techniques used in battles.

We liked learning about the Gods because the days of the week were named after them - Tyr was Tuesday, Woden was Wednesday, Thor was Thursday, Fria was Friday and Saturn was Saturday. Monday and Sunday are named after the sun and moon.

We had a great day looking at the artefacts and learning about the Vikings. Thanks to Dave for spending the day with us!

By: Fionn (4 th Class) and Odhran (3 rd Class)



Concert Night!

Christmas Boxes travel to Malawi

Norah Collins called to Tineteriffe to collect our Christmas boxes. Well done to the boys and girls who prepared boxes. Norah told is that they travel to Malawi in Africa in time for Christmas!


Liam McCarthy comes to Tineteriffe!

Our honoured guests; Mary T Ryan, Fr. Seamus Ryan and Enda O Mahoney. Their father, a Cappamore man, won an All Ireland medal for Limerick in 1918 and we shared in the historical significance of the hundred year connection!


Thanks to Noel Hartigan for bringing the Liam Mccarthy to the school. Thanks also to Piper McKay who enhanced our celebration and led the cup through our guard of honour into the school hall! Welcome to Noel Gleeson and James Lundon who joined us for the special day!

Halloween Games in the Infant Room!

Spider races-ready, steady, go!  

Very busy making witches!  

Making witches brooms and pumpkin faces from playdough!

Be careful! Don’t knock the malteaser!


Halloween Dress Up!

Great excitement in Tineteriffe with the Halloween dress up bring all sorts of strange creatures to the school yard.

All proceeds will go to the ISPCA!




It`s late and we are sleepy,
The air is cold and still.
Our jack-o-lantern grins at us
Upon the window sill.
We`re stuffed with cake and candy
And we`ve had a lot of fun,
But now it`s time to go to bed
And dream of all we`ve done.
We`ll dream of ghosts and goblins
And of witches that we`ve seen,
And we`ll dream of trick-or-treating
On this happy Halloween.


Underneath the lamp post,
In the middle of the night,
A ghost bus make a silent stop,
A strange and fearful sight.

At the bus top at your corner,
Something big and green climbed down.
It’s looking for your bedroom,
And it has searched all over town.

You thought it couldn’t find you,
That you were safe and you were sound.
You thought that you could hide,
Where you never could be found.

But now it’s almost here,
You know it loves the dark of night.
There’s only one thing you can do,
Quick! Turn on the light!



Three little ghostesses
Sitting on postesses,
Eating buttered toastesses,
Greasing their fistesse,
Up to their wristesses,
Oh, what beastesses
To make such feastesse!



It`s Halloween! It`s Halloween!
The moon is full and bright
And we shall see what can`t be seen
on any other night:

Skeletons and ghosts and ghouls,
Grinning goblins fighting duels,
Werewolves rising from their tombs,
Witches on their magic brooms.


The skeletons are out tonight,
they march about the street,
With bony bodies, bony heads
and bony hands and feet.
Bony bony bony bones
with nothing in between,
Up and down and all around
they march on Halloween.


I’m a little scarecrow,
Raggedy and worn
I wear a hat,
And a shirt that’s torn
When the crows come,
I wave and shout,
“Away from my garden-get on out!”

Witch, Witch

Withch witch, where do you fly?
Under the clouds and over the sky.

Witch, witch, what do you eat?
Little black apples from Hurricane Street.

Witch, witch, what do you drink?
Vinegar and good red ink.

Witch, witch, where do you sleep?
Up in the clouds where the pillows are cheap.



Did You Know !!!

Ghosts don’t have shadows and leave no footprints !

Wearing garlic around your neck will keep vampires away !

Shooting a werewolve with a silver bullet is supposed to kill it !

If you throw a key at a ghost, the ghost will disappear !

If a candle flame turns blue, it means a ghost is in the house!

Some people believe that cat bones make you invisible !



First, put your clothes on inside out.
Then walk backward to where two roads meet.
If you wait until midnight, you will see a witch!

Trick or Treat! 

Haunted houses,
Curdling screams,
Freezing bats, torn at the seams!

Full white moon,
Dripping candles,
Roaming forgetful zombie vandals!

Gnarled old trees,
Tossed in the breeze.
Cold ghosts shivering, knocking their knees!

Trick and treating,
From door to door,
Not enough sweets, I must have more!!!  

Baking in the senior classes!


Baking in the 4th and 5th classroom.

The garden in Tineteriffe produced some great courgettes agin this year. Last year the 4th and 5th classes made courgetti spagetti. This year the class triede a different recipe and baked some courgette cakes.

The concensus was that they were delicious!





6th Classroom

Again courgettes were the basics for the recipes chisen by 6th class. Very adventurously, they made courgette ravioli and lasgane!




5th and 6th Class Tour to Tayto Park!

On Friday the twenty second of June 5th and 6th class went on a school tour to Tayto Park. We had a great day. Our favourite rides were the Power Surge and the Viking Voyage. After that we went to Blanchardstown shopping Centre. It was the best school tour so far!

y Megan and Colum 5th Class

This year 5th class went on their school tour to Tayto park.We had lots of fun and even went shopping in Blanchardstown afterwards.We think the Cuchulain ride was the highlight of our trip!! 

by: Teagan and Heather 5th Class


3rd and 4th Class Tour to Athlone.

3rd and 4th Class Tour!

On Tuesday 26 th of June, 3rd and 4th  class went on a 2 hour drive up to Baysports,  Athlone. First we went on these really big paddle boards and we had a race. My team and another team tied first. After that we had a 5 minute break. Then we went on an adventure in th

e woods, lit a fire and roasted marshmallows. Next we went on Viking longboats and pretended to be Vikings. Soon after that we went on the inflatable bouncy castles. They were my favourite part. I liked the giant Viking slide. Then we went on the pedal boats. We went on the kayaks which were really fun. Finally we went on the obstacle course. I liked it but it was very short. After that we went to Mc Donalds and then drove home.

Jacob, 4th Class.

My  favourite thing this year was when we went to Athlone Baysports on the 26th of  June  2018 for our school tour . We went on the MASSIVE BOUNCY CASTLE .   We weren't allowed  on the worlds tallest floating water slide which weighed 2 tonnes. It looks really good. I loved the inflatable water park. It had lots of slides and you could run and jump.You couldn’t dive or flip. We toasted marshmallows as part of a bushcraft. When I was about to eat mine it fell into the fire.

By Tommy D


On the 26th of June 2018 we went to Baysports Athlone for our school tour.We drove two hours to get there and also took a break on the way up. We had very nice instructors. Firstly when we got up there we put on wet suits and went on Paddle boats. After that we went on Viking boats, then we roasted marshmallows and went to the pedal boats and eventually had our break . After that we went to the water park for 45 minute.We went kayaking and went on a obstacle course .After those activities we were so hungry, we went to MC DONALDS and then went home!!

Kaelin, 4th Class!

I went on my school tour yesterday and the drive was two hours and we stopped on the way up . We went to Baysports in Athlone . The first thing we did was sup boards.  The sup stands for stand up paddle boards. We were put in groups and had a race and our group won. Next we did dragon boats then we made a fire and roasted marshmallows over it then we had a snack!

Dan, 4th Class

On the  26th of June 2018 we went to BaySports Athlone Co. Westmeath. Our instructors names were Dervla, Ciarán and Andrea.  They were so nice. We did so many activites;

First we did SUP boards. We had races on them.Next we did dragon boats, we got split into two groups on one boat Hannah did the drumming and Tommy did the other boat. Then we went into the forest  and lit a fire and roasted marshmallows. After that we went to get our lunch. Yummm......We did pedal boating it was fun! We did that for a while then had more lunch. After that we went on the Bouncy castles we got the choice of going on the boat or swimming we chose boat. Then we went kayaking .                        By Laura and Grace.

For our school tour we went to Baysports, Athlone . First we went on the SUP boards . We kept on crashing into the reeds . Then we had a race, we came second . Then we had had a small lunch . After that we went on the Chinese dragon boats . The drummer would shout row and then the rest would shout row back and row . Then we did bush crafting . Its where you would get rocks and make a circle with them . Then they would give you this tissue and this straw and you would have to find a stick to put your marshmallow on . They would then light the fire . We had to be very careful of the fire .

Soon after    that when we all had our marshmallows we went pedal boarding . Me, Molly, Grace and Hannah went on one . They were really fun . Then we had lunch . After we had lunch we went on the water park. You could have swum over or go in the boat . I chose boat because they said it was really deep. But then they tested you you make sure you could move around in the water . I could but it was sooooooo hard to get up . There were these trampolines . You could go down slides . I found it really annoying at the start that you had to swim over to the slides . But after a little while I enjoyed it .

By Ruth, 4th Class!


We went to Baysports in Athlone. We got in wetsuits and started our day. We first did sup boards, next Chinese dragon boat,roasting marshmallows and a water park on the river!! i just had a blast there and wish I could go back right now and just do the whole thing again. My favourite teacher was Blondie.                                                                             By Leo and Aaron, 4th Class.




Infant Tour to Parson's Green, June 2018

Yesterday   we went on a bus to Parson’s Green. We went to the playground. We loved the dark tunnel.  

There were lots of animals-chickens, llamas, ducks, fawns, goats, sheep, hairy cattle, a donkey, a horse, emus, geese, pigs, a turkey and rabbits.  

We made a wishing on the wishing bridge. Near the fairy houses we saw a ‘dodie tree’. We saw the fairy king’s chair.  

We ate chips and nuggets before we went to the shop to buy toys.  

We went on a speed boat and we saw a crocodile.  
We went on the horse and cart. The horse’s name was Tyson. Tyson went really fast.  


1st and 2nd Class Tour, June 2018

We  went to Ardnacrusha on our school tour. First  we saw a man made canal. We saw a telephone  wire and  we saw a fountain. Next we learned about the penstocks. They  can hold 100 tonnes per second. There are 4 penstocks. There were towers full of  water for the fish. We  watched  a  gate open.

Brid and Odhran!


Yesterday we went on our school tour to Ardnacrusha. We saw the turbines that make water into electricity. It was so cool, there were three big ones and one small one. After that we went to the old control room and we saw the old buttons, two of them still worked .

Next we saw  the dam .We saw a boat go through and the gate go up so the boat could go through.

Eliza and Roisin

I sat beside Jack on the bus. Jack let me sit beside the window! We went to the power station in Ardnacrusha. We had to wear yellow helmets and plastic glasses.We climbed EIGHTY FOUR steps!

Claire and Anne!

We went on a circle rope swing. Sadhbh joined me and Claire. We didint think she liked it. Cathal and Martin were pushing us. We loved it. It was fun.Ross

We  went   to  Mungret  park .  We went   on  the  zipline   in  the  playground. and   we   went   on   the   rasing  track a nd   the   swings    and   on    the   slide  and    climbing   the   hill!    Timmy   and   Jack

We went to the  play  ground  then  we had a picnic. Adam and Liam

Kathleen and me went to Mungret playground. First we played on the spinning swing thing. Next we went on the zipline. After that we crossed the wobbly red  rope. Then we lay on the rocking green sun bed. Eventually we ate our lunch. Finally we went on the bus to go kayaking! Kathleen and Layla!

In Mungret park we had a picnic. We played on the zip line. It was so much fun there. I loved the hill. We went on the swings, roundabout and slide. Everyone really enjoyed their treats for their school tour. Sadhbh and Maeve

We went kayaking,first. Then we jumped into the water. It was hard to use the paddles.

Essie and Katie


Yesterday our class went kayaking. First we went on kayaks, it was so fun and we started to bumping into each other. Then we started splashing each other.

Alex and Gavin


We had great crack on the kayaks. The wetsuits were so hard to put on. I was trying to knock Alex’s kayak. We were wearing helmets to keep us safe from banging our heads off the wall. 

Ogie and Eoin 

First we learned how to do kayaking. Then we went on the water. After that we jumped into the water. It was fun. Meanwhile we went on a boat trip. We saw a swan in the water .After that we saw a bridge.

.Lucy Jessica


We went on our school tour to Neville Sports. We went canoeing and had so much fun. After that we went on stand up boards.



I was on a stand up paddle board. It was fun. I loved it! First you put on a swim suit. Next you get a life jacket .Then you get a helmet. I went on a kayak and I had to help people.



Kayaking on the River Shannon!
Off on a boat ride to see King John's Castle.
Just back from their trip!
Tired but happy, heading home!!!


6th Class trip to Ardnacrusha!


Butter making In 1st and 2nd!

What was life like in my grandparents and great-grandparents time? 1st and 2nd class investigated how to make butter and enjoyed the fruits of their labou,r tasting their home made produce!


Community games swimming in Askeaton, Sunday the 25th February.

Cathal, Hannah, Kaelin and Aoife won bronze in the mixed relay after coming 1st in their heat. They had strong competition in the final so it was a great result for them.

Kaelin came first in u12 backcrawl after getting through her heats. Hannah was very unlucky in her heat in that she came a very close third with only two to qualify. Cathal came first in his heat for u12 front crawl and got to the semi final where he finished 3rd and unfortunately again only two to qualify for the final. Aoife came 3rd in her heat for u14 frontcrawl  with only two to qualify just missing out by a split second. Holly Hartigan came 2nd in her heat and got to the final also. Jacob Wright came 4th in his heat for frontcrawl. Donnagh, Sadbh and Odhran  Diggins were also there representing Muroe Boher. Odhran came 3rd in u10 front crawl. Well done to everyone!


Young Fionn MacCumhaill

First a mom was holding Fionn MacCumhaill. Then a hound came. His name was Phelim. After that, Fionn's mam came. Fionn was older, he was thirteen now. 'I cannot believe that you are thirteen!', said his mom. 'I love hurling,' said Fionn. Bang! He hit the sliotar. After a while, the dog was gone, but he came back and he said that Fionn was his daddy. Meanwhile, an old man came. He had some salmon. He called it the 'Salmon of Knowledge'.

Gavin; 1st class reporter!


Concert Night! December 2017! Behind the scenes!

Christmas Boxes

Thank you to all who sent in Christmas Boxes for children in need. Thirty eight boxes were collected by Norah Collins on behalf of Team Hope.

Here are some of the children from 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th with their boxes.


Halloween in Tineteriffe!


Hunt Museum Visit, September 2017!


On the 9 th of September 2017, 5 th and 6 th class went to the Hunt Museum in County Limerick. We went there as we learn about art at school. We went to see paintings by two famous Irish artists, Jack B Yeats and Paul Henry.

First, we got on the bus and we drove to the Hunt Museum. My partner was Hannah and Sophie’s was Heather.

Then, we got to the Hunt Museum and went to the Viking workshop and got to touch all the interesting artefacts. Our guide was Shay and he told us all about Viking history. There were weapons and combs and stuff they used in their own lives.

Next we went to see the fabulous paintings by Jack B Yeats and Paul Henry .Sophie’s favourite artist was Paul Henry and mine was Jack B Yeats.

Finally we were finished at the art exhibition in the Hunt Museum and we set off on our journey back to Tineteriffe N.S.

We learnt a lot at the Hunt Museum about Jack B Yeats and Paul Henry .We would definitely recommend it to others .It was a great day out with all our friends.

By Sally, 5th Class!


Recount: Our Trip to the Hunt Museum

On Tuesday the 9 th of September, 2017 we went to the Hunt museum with 6 th class to see the Jack. B. Yeats and Paul Henry exhibition. We went because it was part of our art curriculum.

First we got on the bus. I was sitting beside Scott, my friend. I had already been to the exhibition but I liked it the first time so I was excited.

Then we got to the museum. We had to wait for the 5 th class to look at the pictures but we got a handling session while we were waiting. A man showed us things from Viking times such as swords, armour and clothing items.

After that we got to see the pictures .They were really good and it was interesting learning about them. I also loved learning about the artists themselves. I liked Paul Henry’s paintings more than Yeats.

It was a great trip. I would definitely recommend it. It was really interesting and I enjoyed it a lot

By: Alex, 5 th Class

U21 Cups visit Tineteriffe!

Tineteriffe was delighted to have the Munster U21 and the All Ireland U21 cups visit! Ann Fanning, mother to past pupil Darragh ( full back on the Limerick team), brought them for us to enjoy! The children enjoyed hoisting them victoriously in the air! Hopefully one of them will the the opportunity to do so in the future!


Final day for 6th class; Presentations and farewells!

Infant School Tour, June 2017

Infant School Tour.

The infants had a great year on their school tour, travelling to a farm firstly and then onto Dreamworld to finish. All had a lovely time!



Mayoral Visit to Tineteriffe!


Mayoral Visit to Tineteriffe!

We were delighted to welcome the Limerick mayor, Kieran O' Hanlon to Tineteriffe N.S. He was joined by the deputy mayor, Noel Gleeson and local councillor, Brigid Teefy. He wore his robes and mayoral chain and we were all interested to learn a little about the hisory of the chain and the role of the mayor in Limerick.

In honour of his visit, we wore our Cappamore and Limerick colours and sang a local song 'The Fair of Cappamore', to welcome him to our parish. We were pleased to find out that he was a rugby fan as our parting song is the well known rugby and Limerick song, 'There is an Isle!


5th class with the Limerick mayor, Kieran O' Hanlon

Junior and Senior Infants with the Limerick mayor!
5th and 6th classes with the Limerick mayor!


Limerick Clean Up in Tineteriffe!

Pancake Day!

Pancake Day in Tineteriffe is one of the children's favourite day in school! The Parent's Council were busy cooking and tossing pancake to feed all the classes! All proceeds this year went to the 95FM Stop Tour.



Halloween Fun!


Congratulation to the Cappamore Camogie Team!!!

Tineteriffe N.S. were delighted to welcome the newly promoted Cappamore camogie team to our school! What a great achievement!

Many of the girls in Tineteriffe play camogie and seeing such enthusiasm for the game is a great incentive to continue to practise and participate! Thanks to all who visited!!!



6th Class Graduation, Congratulations!

6th Class, 2008 - 2016!

Congratulations to Tineteriffe's 6th class who graduated on a lovely summers evening. It was a very nostalgic night as we remembered their eight years spent in school.

Thanks to Fr. Browne who celebrated mass and also to the Parent's Council who prepared a wonderful feast for us all to enjoy afterwards.

We wish them all the very best in their chosen secondary schools.


Teddy Bear Picnic in 1st and 2nd class, June 2016!


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