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Girls' Football Team, Oct 23.

Last Friday, all the girls in 5th and 6th went to the football blitz in Caherelly. It  was a great day even if we got beaten.

At 10:45 Mrs Hickey came in to tell us to get ready. We went to the juniors classroom to eat our lunch and get our jerseys. I was one of the last to get a jersey. I was number 5. We all plopped ourselves down on the carpeted floor and ate our lunches. After five minutes we had to go. I went in the car with my dad and some of the 6th class. The drive took 20 minutes.
Aoife 5th.

I woke up with mixed feelings of worry and excitement because today was our football blitz to see if we could get through to the final. I was on the way to school and I was so excited. Because today was my football blitz. As I made my way into the school grounds to talk about the football blitz. The day started off normally with all the work that we'd be doing on a normal day but at quarter to 11 we'd be getting ready to go to the match.
Eabha 6th

The journey didn't feel very long so soon enough, we climbed out of the cars. The pitch wasn’t that big but there were still two small pitches set up on each half.It was cold so we all put on our coats and jumpers. A few minutes later it had warmed up. Everyone that had brought gloves had put them on. We did a bit of a warm up, our first match was drawing nearer. 
Daire 5th

Then it was time for the match!.We were playing Ahane. My heart was thumping 200mph. Miss Hickey put us in our positions. Eabha was the goalie. Mia ,Grace and Kate were in the backs. Now we move on to mids and they were Ella and Aoife Mul. Forwards were Kayleigh, Emma and Harriet. Daire and I were subs. Emily 5th

When it was time for the first match to start it was against Ahane. I  went to the coin toss to see where we were playing. Unfortunately I lost so they got to pick where they played. We then got into our positions and the match began.As the whistle blew Ella got the ball and got a goal first thing! At half time the scores were looking pretty good for us. We had two goals, 2 points to 1 point. But when the second half began Ahane began to score a good few goals. Unfortunately in the end Ahane won.
Emma 6th



Boys' Football Team; October 2023

On the 6th of October our school played in a 9 a side football blitz in Caherelly and it was fun.

At about 10:45 Mrs Sheehan brought the boys from 4th, 5th and 6th into the Halla to give us our jerseys, tell us where we were playing and who we were going with. In goals was Liam, the back line was Oisin, Conor and Danny. In midfield was Eoghan and Bill and the forward line was Sean, Gearoid and me. Everyone else was on the bench. I went in Liam's car with Oisin,Danny,Sean,Gearoid and Liam. 

Darragh 6th

When we got there we went into the dressing rooms for some lunch.When we were going out we saw Nicer pulling in.We put our stuff in the car and went out to practise.We were ready for our first match against Bilbao.When the match started Daragh got the first goal after two minutes .Then a couple of  minutes later I  got a goal thanks  to Eoghan  for passing the ball.It was half time and we were eight points up.It was the second half and we were really tired but we knew we had to keep going. In the end we won that match by a few goals and points.

Bill 5th

 When we got our jerseys, we went into a car to drive to Caherelly. We were watching Oola and Bilboa and Oola won that. Then it was finally our turn to play. We were playing Bilbao. We were doing well in the first half. I wasn't too sure what the score was in halftime, but I knew we  were winning by a few points.

Last week the boys in the school went to a football blitz.The first match was Tineteriffe against Bilboa.When the ref threw in the ball, Bill got the ball and scored a goal.It was  half time and we were up by a couple of goals.Second half we were a bit tired so they got a point or two.Then I went to get the ball but the ball bounced over my head.Then they got another point.After they got a point or two the full time whistle blew.We were all happy and we shook hands.

Conor 5th


Tineteriffe's Football Team. Here are our 6th class boys!

Next,we went to the pitch we were playing in and two teams were already there and those teams were Bilboa and Oola.Their match was the first match and in the pitch beside us Nicker played Caherelly.Oola were in control most of the match but Bilboa put in a good effort.After the match we had a team talk and then I went out for the toss,I won the toss and we played with the wind for the first half and heading into halftime we were up by 2-3 to no score.In the second half we were against the wind and the got 2 or 3 points 

Liam 6th

The match started. We got possession and scored a point and then some goals. We scored a few more and the first half was over. We got a drink of water and rested for a minute. Once we were ready to play the second half we went on to the pitch confidently. They scored some points but we still won.

Micheál 5th

We had to watch another match.After that we got the team and passed the ball around again.We were playing Bilboa and they beat us every other year so we really wanted to beat them.Then we went onto the pitch and the referee threw in the ball and Bill got it. Then we passed it up to the forwards and back to Bill and he scored a goal . It was a really good score and we were up 1:00

Seán 6th

The semi final was against Caherelly we had to go straight into that match after the other one. It was a very close match we could have lost by a lot more but we had a very solid back line.

James 5th!

It was very annoying because we had no break between our matches so it was very hard going on all of us. Finally it was half time and I think  we were up by a point.Then half time was over  and we kept on giving away very soft frees and they kept on putting them over. We had a few chances to win the match but they had a huge full back and the lads could not get past him. Finally the blew the full time whistle and the game was over and  everyone was very annoyed.

Oisín 6th!

All of the 4th, 5th and 6th class boys were getting ready to play against Caherelly in the semi final in Caherelly. I had high hopes that we would win.Then the match started . Then they scored and I started losing hope that we would win. We kept on giving away frees to Caherelly luckily they didn't score much of them. Then we scored. But they countered us with another point.then they scored again. That was the end of the first half.

Maurice 5th



The second half had just started and we won the throw-in.We then pressed hard and it paid off because we scored it was now a draw. Just as the keeper kicked it out and Caherelly won the kick out. But we tackled him cleanly and pressed with the ball. We scored another point. We then were up by one point. A few minutes later we were nearing fulltime and Caherelly scored three more points. We got worried but tried to stay calm. But the full time whistle blew and the final score was 0-3 to 0-5

Joe 5th

Soon we had equalised from a point from Gearoid. Caherellys midfield player was extremely fast and Bill and I had trouble keeping up with him. He was the centre of every Caherelly attack. Liam was brilliant in goals and made it hard to score goals for Caherelly. When the whistle blew for half time the score was 3 points for Caherelly and two points for Tineteriffe. The ball was thrown in for the second half and immediately Caherelly went on attack. We couldn't keep up with them. They scored a great point straight away. A few minutes later they scored a goal. We had a few chances but we didn’t get a score. I hit the post at one stage. 

The game finished, Caherelly 1:5, Tineteriffe 2 points.  

Eoghan 5th




Sport's Day 2023!



Camogie Finals Day!! May 20th, 2023


Camogie Blitz; May 2023!!

Congratulations to Tineteriffe's camogie team who are through to the East final. They will meet Caherelly in this 9 aside match. The match will be held in Kilteely on the 30th of May. Best of luck girls!!


Hurling Blitz;

Hurling Blitz; May 2023!

A showery blustery day in Caherelly for the annual 9 - aside blitz. Two teams from the group of 6 to qualify for the final in a few weeks. There was a strong breeze blowing, so we knew it was going to be a game of two halves.

First up, local rivals; Bilboa. Bilboa had the wind and started well with a couple of goals scored in quick succession. However the boys never lost heart and kept defending strongly. In the second half, the puck outs had greater distance and gave the forwards more opportunities to score. In the end, it was Bilboa's day.

Next up was Oola. Weather conditions were still blustery. The team started well and this time it was Tineteriffe who scored the opening goals. A change in personnel and all members of the squad participated in the win.

This meant that we qualified for the semi-final in second place and had to play the winners of the other group. Caherelly were the opposition. Tineteriffe started well and fought for every ball. Howver Caherelly began to get the upperhand and in the end victory was theirs.

Bilboa and Caherelly therefore will meet in the final

Tineteriffe boys though defeated went home delighted with their efforts and happy to have had the day out!!




Soccer Tournament, Corbally; March 2023

A great day out in Corbally at the 5-aside soccer blitz. The boys and girls of 5th and 6th classes played very well, with draws and wins and a few losses order of the day. There were many schools participating with eight pitches busy with matches. The weather though a little wet didn't dampen out spirits!!

Team A

Team B


East Limerick; Neville Cup, March 2023

Congratulations to Brid Mulcahy, who represented Tineteriffe N.S. on the East Limerick panel.

East Limerick were up against a very strong south team, who won the match in wintry, wet conditions.

Indoor Hurling February 2023!

Round 3; Wednesday 8th March 2023.

Thrilling day out in Caherconlish with tightly contested matches between all the participating teams. Lisnagry were deemed the winners and as East Limerick champions go forward to the county final. Well done to the Tineteriffe boys for their great efforts and sportsmanship.


 A.   Doon.   B. Tineterriffe.   C. Bilboa.   D. Lisnagry.


Round 1!!
The indoor hurling
blitz was held in Caherconlish. Four teams participated with the top team to qualify for the next round. Callan Ensor ( GAA coach) was there to greet us all and ref the matches. The 4th class boys were very focussed and determined to do well. Every member of the team contributed to their success. The boys beat Murroe N.S., Caherconlish and Crecora and went forward to round 2.


Round 2!!

Our Indoor Hurling Journey
At half 12 we went to the halla with our helmets and drinks to put on our jerseys. We went out to the bus and got on it. When we got off the bus we were straight into action using the rubber based hurleys. We were the first team playing and our opponents were Castleconnell. Maurice hit the ball up the field to Bill. Bill passed it to Eoghan! He hit it into the net and we all shouted YESS. Next Bill passed it to Joe and Joe scored another tap in!

Tineteriffe v Lisnagry
We had a 20 minute break and then our second game was against Lisnagry. We had won our first game against Castleconnell.The team that started was Maurice in goals, Conor backs and the rest of us all over the place. Lisnagry were really good and we didn't score until 7 nil. Then we were on a roll and scored 6 GOALS! in a row. Half a minute later time was up and the final scores were 6-8. We lost but we put up a good fight. We were disappointed but we did well. 

Tineteriffe v Caherline
It was the last match of the day. In the first minute we had already scored twice Caherline had a shot on goal but Bill managed to block it. Then Bill made a brilliant puck out and it assisted a goal. 

We played very well and everyone on the squad was involved in the action. Another win for Tineteriffe. Lisnagry won the competition and Tineteriffe came second

Written by the 4th Class boys! Joe, Bill, Conor, James, Maurice, Eoghan, Cormac and Micheál.



Girls' Football Final

Final's day in Kilteely, October 2022.

The Girls Football Final!!

On Tuesday we played our football final against Oola in Kilteely G.A.A pitch.

We left the school at 1 o’clock to go to Kilteely G.a.a pitch. We were hyped up to play our match.We were very nervous but excited at the same time. Before our match there was one and we watched it.
After we finished our warm ups our captain Lucy went up for the toss. She won and we were playing with the wind for the first half. All the 6th class girls started and some of the 5th.

The first half of the competition was fierce. We could hear our supporters cheering us on from the sidelines. When the whistle blew for half time, we were behind by a point after a lot of unlucky misses. We all kept fighting though.

The second half was even more intense. Our midfielders played a blinder along with the rest of the very determined team. It was coming to an end and we needed a few goals.  Oola were definitely stronger in the second  half and we were struggling to keep up. We still scored four points in the second half though.
A minute before the whistle blew we knew that we wouldn't  win. We kept on fighting and we were rewarded with the sound of our supporters singing our praises. When the whistle blew we knew we had played our best.

Unfortunately Oola had the better game and took home the trophy. It was a fun day out and everyone went home happy knowing we performed brilliantly. We sang all the way back to the school, enjoying every bit of it even though we lost our finals.

Written by Brid, Katie & Lucy  ( 6th Class)


Boy's Football; October 2022

On Friday the 14th of October the boys team of Tineteriffe school went to play a football match in Caherelly. We went on a bus and 6th and some  5th got to sit at the back.When we got to the pitch Ms Meskell picked the 9 boys that had to start in the first game.

First we had to put on our boots and gum shields. We put on the school jerseys. Our school jerseys are red and black and we were ready to play Bilboa. 

Bilboa was a very hard team  to play against because they have really good players. We played  well and the boys didn't give up. Ms Meskell gave some 4th class a run. After that game we had some food and drinks. Next we played Oola. The match started well. It was a good game of football against Oola.They gave us a competitive game to play but we won the game.

We felt good that we beat Oola so we had more confidence to win the next game. Finally we had to play Caherelly so we tried harder and harder to win. We scored some points but unfortunately we lost the match. Ms Meskell told us to huddle up and she said that we played super well and we did the best we could and made the school proud.

On the way home to the school we started singing and really enjoyed our match day. 

Written by; Jack ( 6th Class)


Girl's Football; October 2022


A brilliant day out.

By the girls in 5th and 6th class.

On Wednesday, the 12th of October 5th and 6th class girls went to play a football blitz in Doon. We played the blitz to qualify  for the football finals.  It was a great day and we really enjoyed ourselves.

First, we arrived in Doon G.A.A. pitch and we did our warm ups. We got into groups and kicked the ball to each other to practice our kicking and catching skills.

Our first match was against Nicker N.S. The game was very tough and competitive. Harriet was the first goalie and she saved an amazing shot. We were so proud of her. Lucy and Katie scored goals and points. At half time, Tineteriffe was winning by a goal. After half time, Bríd and Kayleigh were both playing in defense and they played a brilliant game kicking the balls out of danger. The end result was 2-2 to 0-1 to Tineteriffe. 

Next, we played against Oola. Oola were very strong. Kate was in goals for this match and she blocked a really good goal at the beginning of the game. We showed great resilience but, unfortunately Oola won the match.

We didn’t lose faith and our next match was against Bilboa. Jessica G and Jessica K were forwards. They worked together really well clearing the path for Lucy to score another few goals. Harriet  was in goals for the entire game working tirelessly to prevent goals.


Our final match was against Caherconlish and we needed a win here to secure our place in the finals. We did the Haka in Irish to hype ourselves up and to frighten our opponents with our amazing moves.  Emma was in goals and she blocked two goals!  We won the game and we were thrilled, we shook hands with the other team and we rejoiced.

Our blitz in Doon was great fun, we really enjoyed ourselves and Mrs Meskell was amazing on the day. We sang songs the whole way back on the bus. We are excited to play against Oola in the finals.



Football Fixtures; Autumn 2022


Hurling Blitz; May 2022

9 aside Blitz; Doon

Well done to 4th, 5th and 6th class boys on their participation in the East Limerick 9 aside blitz in Doon.

The opening match was aginst a strong Nicker N.S. team. The boys out up a great fight but Nicker came out the winners at the end.

Next up was Oola. This was a must win match for the boys or an early bus ride home. They gave it their all and in a tightly fought match came out the victors by a goal.

That put them into a semi final aginst their Cappamore team mates; Bilboa N.S. The first half was nip and tuck with Tineteriffe scoring some fine goals. However the 2nd half was Bilboas with fine scores taken.

The boys finshed the day cheering on their friends with the over all victory going to Bilboa.

Well done to the boys. They tried their best from beginning to the end and showed great determination.





Girl's Football Blitz; May 2022

                                    Girls football tournament 

Yesterday the 12th of May the majority of the 6th and 5th class girls set off to a football tournament in Caherelly .We left at around quarter past 11 and we went on a Mike Hynan bus to Caherelly .
We arrived at about quarter to 12 and we left all our gear bags in the changing rooms and put our boots on . Then we went and started our warmup and sorted our team out. All of us were very excited to play. We were playing Caherline first . They were a wonderful team but Tineteriffe came away with the first win. We were all delighted .
We all got a drink and were all set to go again. Our second match was against Caherelly . All the girls played excellently. Then at half time we switched the team up a bit to give some people a chance and give others a break . After half time we carried on playing exceptionally and all our hard work paid off and we beat Caherelly .
After that we found out we were into a final so we were all full of happiness. We had one more match to play but it didn't matter if we won, lost or drew against Ahane because we were automatically into the final and we were playing Ahane in the final . We still all tried our best and gave it everything and we beat Ahane so we all had big smiles on our faces. We shook hands with Ahane and now it just depends on the next day and we will have another great day out in the Gaelic Grounds . We went back into the changing rooms and changed out of our boots into our runners and sat down on the grass and had our lunch until our bus arrived to take us home . The bus finally arrived and took us back to school.
In conclusion we all had a great day and played our best and our work paid off. Hopefully our next day out will be as good .         
Aoibhinn; 6th Class

Girls Football Tournament
It was the 12th of May and the majority of us 5th and 6th class girls were on our way to our 9 aside tournament in Caherelly. 
We arrived in Caherelly at around twenty to twelve. There were no referees at the pitch so we did some warm up drills to keep us on our toes. Our first match was against Caherline. I was the captain so I had to go out and pick a number. We got the wind and the bigger goals to score in so we were at an advantage. The whistle blew and the ball went up. The game was on.
Aoibhinn leapt into the air and grasped the football with both hands. She booted the ball down the pitch and set up an excellent score. . . but Caherline wasn't going to go down that easily. They fought back and at halftime they were up by one point. If we wanted to win this game, we would have to up our game, so we did. We tackled and ran as hard as we could and scored goal after goal. The full time whistle blew. We had won the game 4-3 to 2-2.
Next up we were against Caherelly. Aoibhinn and I were in midfield. We played our hardest and we had to try our very best so we did. We scored plenty of goals and at half time the score was  4-2 to 0-1 to us. We were in the lead but if we wanted to win this match, (which we did) we needed to keep the score up. We kept pushing, and ran for every single ball we could. At full time, we had won 6-4 to 1-3.
Winning two matches meant that we were into the final. We were up against Ahane in a practice run of the final. We were all very tired after playing two very tough matches that same day. We still managed to be winning at halftime. It was a tough game and a close score. Every player gave their absolute best effort and without every single player, we wouldn’t have won our match. The real final will hopefully be taking place in the Gealic Grounds but we might be unlucky and have to play in some other place like Doon

Essie; 6th Class

Boys Football Blitz; May 2022

On Monday our gaelic football team had its first match in Doon. We had to come first or second that day to get into the finals.
Our first match was against Oola. They scored the first point, following up with a goal we came back with a point. Oola came back with a flurry of goals. Our midfielder responded with a goal. Then was subbed on for Gearoid, but then the whistle blew for half time.
I was half forward for the second half. About five minutes into the match, Oisin was soloing up the pitch, but was pressured to kick it upfield to the forwards. It bounced pretty well in front of me so I tried for a volley but it went wide. And even though Oola basically controlled the match from there, Martin managed to score for us in the end.
We had a break then, seeing as the other 2 pitches were occupied and there was no one to play.
We were against Bilboa next, who had the best team there on the day. I wasn't starting so I watched on with Alex and Eoin. I was subbed on about five minutes later for Gearoid in midfield. I don't remember much from that game, but it didn't go well.
Next we were up against Nicker. I started in half forward with Alex and Darragh. Unfortunately, that wouldn't be a very busy end of the pitch. It came close a few times, and we did score from a free at one point, but Nicker were putting the ball in the back of the net time after time. From what I remember. I was subbed off for the second half. It went a bit better, we scored a goal and a point I think.
Next we were playing Caherconlish,  And I was starting for once. We had twelve players instead of the nine we had before then. I started as a midfielder. I lost the start, but Caherconlish conceded a foul almost immediately. Cathal took it, and belted it down the field to the forwards. I caught it and didn't screw up the soloing for once. I passed it to eoin but he fumbled it, so i caught it again and scored a goal. We did score more that game, but I don't remember who. Anyway, we finished the day off nicely with a win at last.

Ogie; 5th Class

Yesterday  the 5th, 6th and 4th class boys and I went to Doon gaa to play a blitz against the local primary schools. 

We got dressed and put on the jerseys at the school and we had a car to the blitz. Our first match was against Oola. We had a good start but Oola got the better of us in the first half. Near the end Tineteriffe got back into it and sadly only lost by 3 points. After the match we had a break and we watched Caherconlish play Oola. Then our next match was against Bilboa. 

We went over to the second pitch and met our opponents. We knew  it was going to be a hard match because the whole of our GAA team was on it. Sadly Bilboa had a very strong team and we were losing at the end of the first half. Players got subbed in and subbed off but it wasn't too much help so we lost at the end of the match. We didn't give up hope and our next match was against Nicker. We didn't know what we were facing so we just kept trying we got off to a good start and at the end of the first half we were actually winning so we came off and we all had a drink and went back on.

We got off well again but by the end of the match Nicker pulled away and got the win so they went through to the final along with Bilbao. We had one match left so we gave it our all and finally pulled off and finally beat a team but it wasn't good enough to go through to play in a final. 

I really enjoyed playing this but I was disappointed we didn't go through to play in the final in the Gaelic Grounds.

Cathal; 6th Class


Tug of War; March 2022

On Thursday, the 24th of March, Niamh’s dad, Con, came to do tug of war with us.

He was doing it separately with all classes. Our class went after the 3rd and 4th class. We did the tug of war on the field near the Juniors and Seniors yard.

 We had to line up and listen to what he was saying. After that, he picked a few people to practice first. We had to hold on to a rope attached onto a big piece of wood. Then he shouted to pull and we had to bend backwards and pull the rope. I fell once but I was still pulling it. Then Niamh and Essie stood on the rope which made it harder. Our hands burned and hurt after pulling the rope, but only for a few seconds. 

After that we did another practice where 3 groups of 2 would be trying to pull another rope with a basket on it. The basket had one or two weights in it, which made it really heavy. After a few seconds he put more heavy weights in the basket. My partner and I gave up first but we still did well. 

After the two practices, we had another tug of war but this time we had to pull it to move a tyre  that Mrs. Sheehan was sitting on. Most of us managed it but it was really heavy. After all the groups went, we did the final tug of war between girls and boys. All the boys were standing on one side with the rope and the girls were standing on the other side. We did a countdown and then suddenly everyone started pulling the rope. It was actually pretty easy because lots of people were pulling it.

The girls managed to win it and then we went back in for our small break. We didn’t have time to sit down and eat so we had to bring our food outside. We continued with our day and I was tired when I got home. Tug of war was really fun though.

Layla; 5th

On Thursday Con Hayes came to our school and we learnt how to play Tug of War.

First, we went onto the field and five people grabbed onto the rope and pulled. It was attached to a huge wooden beam on the field. Then two people stood on the other end of the rope and they had to keep them up. Then everyone took turns doing that.

Next, when everyone had had their go, we  went on to the weights. There were three baskets with weights in them. Two people held on to each rope and we had to keep the basket up as he kept putting weights in it.

Then, we went on to the tyre. Mrs. Sheehan sat in the tyre and seven people pulled the tyre across the field. Everyone got a go. Then, we moved on to the actual Tug of War.

We were split into three groups labeled one, two and three. One and two went against each other and one lost. Then two went up against three. After that it was boys vs girls and girls one. 

Tug of War was really fun and everyone enjoyed it.

Gavin; 5th


Girls Football Competition; March 2022

Girls Football
On the 23rd of March, Wednesday my girl classmates and I went to a football blitz to play for the school along with the vice principal, Mrs Meskell. 
Firstly my Mam, Toriannas Mam and Mrs Meskell drove us to Doon GAA field for the matches. In my car was me, Maeve, Katie and Jessica K while my Mam drove. The drive was around 15-20 minutes. When we arrived we all got out of the cars and put on our boots and got out our gumshields. 
Once we were ready Mrs Meskell led us to the first match against Oola. I played in the forwards for the first half, I scored one goal.

Eliza; 6th




Fourth class soccer competition!

Fourth class had a great outing to the sports complex in Cappamore sports centre on Thursday 24th of October. They were taking part in a futsall competition. This is an indoor version of soccer. They had a boys and a girls team and everyone really enjoyed the morning.

Futsal is the official FIFA version of the indoor 5 a side football. It is played between two teams of five players, one of whom is the goalkeeper and up to seven substitutes per team may be used.

Unlike some other forms of indoor football, the game is played on a hard court surface delimited by lines; walls or boards are not used. Futsal is also played with a smaller ball with less bounce than a regulation football.



Football Final; November, Monday 11th, in the Gaelic Grounds.

Tineteriffe are back in the Gaelic Grounds!

On Thursday the 10th of October, Tineteriffe travelled to Boher to play a football blitz.

They played Caherelly in the first game. Shane scored a great goal to make it one goal to nothing. Caherelly came back in the second half to draw by scoring three well earned points.

Boher was in very wet and mucky as the field was destroyed however that didn’t stop them comfortably beating Castle Connell five three to one, one.

They topped their group because they beat Castleconnell more than Caherelly did. They then went on to beat Ahane in a well fought semi-final .

Tineteriffe will play in the final against Caherline in the Gaelic grounds.

Reporter; Cathal.

Tineteriffe's Girls Football Team.

Hard luck to the girls' football team. Having won both of their matches it came down to a final match against Murroe to qualify for the finals in the Gaelic Grounds.

A very tight first half failed to seperate the teams. However in the second half the wind picked up against the Tineteriffe girls and it was a struggle to fet the ball up the pitch. Hard luck girls and better luck in the hurling competition.



Sports Day, June 2019!

Tennis Champions, June 2019

Tineteriffe'sTennis Championship had an exciting finish with two well fought matches. There was great applause from the spectators at the end and cups presented to Abbie and Colum. Congratulations to both and hard luck to Fiona and Mali!

East Limerick Camogie Winners!

Congratulations Tineteriffe's Camogie team!

On Monday 10th of June a convoy of cars headed to the Gaelic Grounds. The fifth and sixth class girls were taking on Ahane N.S. in the East Limerick 9 aside camogie final. It was great to be in the Gaeilic Grounds the day after Limerick beat Clare emphatically and play in the footsteps of the Limerick stars.

Nerves got the better of the girsl in the first half and Ahane went in a goal and two points the better. Their coach, Mrs. Meskell told the girls to keep working and the dividends would come.

And so it came to be! Momentum swung Tineteriffe's way when early in the second half, captain Fiona, led the way with two fine goals. Three more goals sealed the victory for the girls.

The convoy returnel with beeping horns and were welcomed by the rest of the school, waving flags and cheering. Speeches from the captain and Mrs. Meskell told us the story of the day.

Well done all concerned!




East Limerick Team!

East Limerick team and the Primary Game!

Congratulations to Fiona and Hannah. Both girls have been chosen to be part of the East Limerick football team. A further congratulations to Hannah who is pictured as part of the Primary Game team.

Soccer Tournament, Corbally, March 2019

Indoor Hurling February 2019

Tineteriffe Indoor Hurling in Caherconlish Hall.

These are the boys that played on the Tineteriffe indoor hurling team in Caherconlish. It was a competitive competition with four teams invloved in round robin matches. Theboys played Doon, Caherelly and Caherconlish.

We had a great start with a win aginst Caherconlish N.S. Next was the Doon team. These were a stronger opposition and were the ultimate winners of this round of the competition. Our final match was against Caherelly, a tightly fought match with Caherelly the vitors in the end.

The boys were a little disapointed but enjoyed the afternoons sport. They are looking forward to the outdoor blitz next term! Thanks to all who organised the competition!


Visiting Junior B Champions!

Welcome to the visiting Cappamore Junior B Champions!

We were delighted to welcome a contingent for the Junior B team to Tineteriffe.

Led by Kevin Ryan ( captain), they brought their county cup and recently attained Munster cup to the school.

We wished them every success in their All Ireland semi final.

Manager PJ Ryan gave the children a homework pass to celebrate.

We all hope they bring the All Ireland trophy to us soon!


Football Season in Tineteriffe 2018

Well done girls! Winners of the 9 aside football final in the Gaelic Grounds!

Pictured after the game with their friends and supporters!


Tineteriffe reach the Final!

Great work by the girls football team. After a blitz in South Liberties, three teams were on a three way tie and had to meet again to to see who would make it forward.

So on last Monday, they met in Pallasgreen and Tineteriffe with a full squad were deemed the stronger and venture into the Gaelic Gounds to see if they can continue on their winning streak.

Best of luck girls!!!

Well done to Fiona and Hannah who have made the East Limerick football team!

Tineteriffe Boys football team

Well done to the 4th, 5th and 6th class boys for their great committment to football training. We have had some wonderful weather during the sessions.

The blitz in Boher was hard fought by the boys but it just wasn't their year. Killinure and Caherline N.S, qualified for the finals in the Gaeilic Grounds.

Best of luck to Colum in the East Limerick team.




John Kiely visits Tineteriffe!

John Kiely visits!

Tineteriffe were delighted to welcome John Kiely on Friday afternoon to the school. The children gave him a guard of honour as he passed them in the yard! Following high fives all round, he came to the hall to answer some of the many questions the children had for him.

They wanted to know his thinking behind his choice of selection, his favourite player, the best goal of the season, what he thinks of Joe Canning as a player, the most improved player, how he felt in the last minute of the game!

Mr Kiely answered all of the questions thouroghly with alll of us enjoying his every word. As one second class child said as she left the hall, 'that was brilliant'.

He promised that the Liam McCarthy would be coming soon!

We sang a verse of Limerick you're a Lady to complete a lovely afternoon!

Tennis Championship 2018!


Win for Tineteriffe girls in the Camogie Final!!

What a super day for Tineteriffe in the Gaelic Grounds on Monday, June the 11th. The Tineteriffe girls got off to a blistering pace putting Ahane N.S. immediately on the defensive. They showed superior strength on all parts of the playing field and won the match comprehensively.

Orla, accepting the trophy on behalf of the team, thanked her fellow players for their hard work and committment. She thanked Mrs Meskell for training them. She also thanked the parents and supporters for coming.

Finally, three cheers for the Ahane girls for their fine display.


Tineteriffe pull off the double!

The Tineteriffe boys cheered with exuberance when the final whistle went. It was a tight encounter, with Tineteriffe pulling away by a needed goal in the dying seconds.

Ahane has started the stronger, putting a goal and a point on the scoreboard quite quickly. But before half time, Tineteriffe scored a goal and the boys knew they were in with a chance.

The second half was in the balance, when Tineteriffe got a bevy of goals. However Ahane kept reducing the margin with some well taken points. They got within a point when Tineteriffe got the much need goal to give them a four point victory.

Ecellent workrate and determination saw them through.

Donnacha, the captain thanked players, supporters and trainer. And as Orla had, ended with three cheers for their opponents.



Hurling Blitz in Boher, May 2018

Match 1

Tinneteriffe v Roxborogh

Tinneteriffe didn’t let anything past them the whole game, scoring point after point, goal after goal. A Tineteriffe win.

Tinneteriffe Donoughmore

This team did put up a fight against us, even though they lost to Donoughmore in the group stages,they were a good team.They scored a few points and a goal but we still came out on top. That left us with 2 wins out of 2 so we were the top in our group and we had to play Killinure in the semi final. In the other tie there was Donoughmore V Ahane.

Tinneteriffe v Killinure

So our match kicked off with Killinure getting a good few scores and it wasn’t looking good for us. Before half time we had scored 0-2 and Killinure had 1-2. At half time we asked Patsy (the referee) ‘Whats the score?’, and he said 1-2 to 0-1. We asked why, but the score stayed the same.

So we were 1 goal and 1 point down. You would think we lost all hope, but a free that went in...GOAL to us!

Patsy gave a free to Killinure but out of nowhere a Killinure player pulled on Donnacha Hogan’s knee. After the free was given, it changed to a throw in which Tinneteriffe won! We tried for a point it dropped short for a Goal!.Tinneteriffe were back in it. Last puck of the game Colum Hanley received the ball from a puck out from Cathal Mulcahy. Colum Hanley sprinted with the ball down the wing, played a beautiful ball in front of Donnacha Hogan, a lovely flick up into his hand...Goal! That’s when we knew Tineteriffe 4 th 5 th and 6 th were into the 11 a side final against Ahane.

Mini 7s Camogie in Doon.

Mini 7s East Championship

Some of our girls have been involved in the mini 7s camogie competition. They played Knockea and Oola on a very cold and windy day in Doon last week. The girls played brilliantly and qualified for the East Limerick Finals. There they met Lisnagry, Knockea, Crecora, and Caherelly. Having won all their games they looked forward to the last game against Caherelly. The winner of this game would go through to the county final. 

The girls battled hard in what was a great game of camogie. Lots of skill and determination were displayed by the girls but unfortunately Tineteriffe were not victorious this time. 




Mini 7s Football in Caherelly.

Mini 7s Football Competition, March 2018.

The boys and girsl travelled to Ballybricken GAA field to participate in the mini 7's football competition. This competition had initially been postponed by Storm Ophelia and had Storm Emma to contend with this time round. It was a bright blustery day in Caherelly.

Fot the boys this was their first outing in the East Championship. They were up aginst tough opposition in Roxborogh and Crecora. In the first match, Crecora led but the boys redoubled their efforts and with some super goal taking, came out victors. next came Roxborogh. Their team were very strong and led by three goals at half time. Again the boys never droped their heads and in the second half and drew the match! This meant there was a play off to see who would meet Lisnagry in the east semi-final. Unfortunately for the boys they were beaten by a point. They performed really well, good sportsmen on the field.

The girls had reached the east final. This was their second outing in the mini 7s competition. They played Caherelly, Roxborough and Lisnagry. Again very tough opposition for the girls.


Indoor Hurling and Camogie!


Football Season Autumn 2017


On Monday the 10 TH of October we arrived at Ahane pitch everyone was full of enthusiasm.

Our first match was against Lisnagry. Both teams were competitive. We had to fight hard to win. It was a good match but Tineteriffe took the win.

Our second match was Murroe Boher both teams did their best to win. But Tineteriffe were winning in the first half. Unfortunately in the second half it went downhill. Everyone tried their best but it was a win to Murroe by a goal.

Our last match was against Ahane we were disappointed that we did not win our last match. Everyone was under pressure because everyone wanted to go to the final. It was not looking good because Ahane scored a goal in the first few minutes but Tineteriffe led their way to victory.

We were on our way to the final!!!

On the 25 th of October, we were on our way to the Gaelic Grounds. It was a nerve wrecking bus journey. Some 4th 5 th and 6th girls came to support. We had played against Murroe already. Unfortunately, we lost the first time. We were all nervous and excited. The whistle blew and we were off. We were off to a great start by getting the first two points. Then Murroe came back. Before we knew it, the whistle blew and it was half time. We were up by 1 point. The second half began and before we knew it Murroe got a goal. We were so disappointed we thought we were going to lose. We didn’t give up and came back stronger than ever. We got a point, then a goal. Our spirits lifted and the final whistle blew. We sprinted to the ref and asked the score. Tineteriffe won and took home the plaque.

On the bus journey home we were full of joy. All the school was out chanting for us. It was a great experience.

Hopefully they will bring it back again next year

By Niamh and Orla, 6th Class!

Win for Tineteriffe!

The girls battled hard and through pure committment and determination beat a strong Murroe N.S. football team to bring home the cup to Tineteriffe.It was the 9 a side East football final held in the Gaelic Grounds!

Great cheers went up around the school as the news broke that the girls had won! As news of their eminent arrival emerged, the school all went outside to welcome the home coming team with cheers and banners.

Mrs. Meskell ( trainer),explained to the large welcoming committee how tight a match it was with nothing seperating the teams at half time. Captain Sarah thanked her trainer, the parent supporters and expecially her teammates for their efforts.

The girls are very proud of their win and rightly so!! They have qualified for the next stage of the mini 7s which will be played after the mid term. Best of luck to them in that!


October, 2017

Tineteriffe boys had an energetic day in Boher on the 2nd of October. Their first match was against Killinure, but a strong revivial in the 2nd half was a little late and Killinure won narrowly. Next match was against Ahane. Tineteriffe began much stronger and this good start, despite a strong resurgence by Ahane, saw them through to victory.

This meant that Tineteriffe had qualifed second from their group and had to play the strongest team from the other pitch to make it to the final. Caherline were Tineteriffe's opponents and from the first kick showed their dominance. They were worthy winners and best of luck to them in the final in the Gaelic Grounds.

Although disappointed, the boys were pleased with their day out and enjoyed the cameraderie that comes of being part of a team.

Mini 7's

The mini 7's competition was held in Doon GAA field.


Tennis Finals in Tineteriffe!

In the month of June the school becomes tennis mad, with tennis rackets arriving every day for practices. For the 5th and 6th classes it means the boys and girls tennis championship is approaching! The draw was made and the tournament began in earnest in the last week of June. Both the boys and girls matches were competitive with some interesting results!

Over the last few years it has become the tradition to hold the finals on the last day with benches and chairs brought down to the court with the whole school watching. This year Mrs Enda O' Mahoney had presented two new cups for the tournament, one for the boys and one for the girls, so we welcomed her to the finals to present them to the winners.

The first final was the girls with Melissa and Niamh the finalists. There was a strong breeze which did affect some of the play.In the end it was a victory to Melissa, with her name being the first to be engraved on the new cup.

Finally it was the boys championship match. The second game went to deuce on at least ten occasions with Matthew winning the second game to bring the match to the third and final game. This time Jamie was the more accurate and claimed the cup.

Well done to both pairs of finalists for great entertainment!


Visiting Champions!

We were delighted to welcome two sets of champions to Tineteriffe on June 30th! There was great celebrations on Sunday night in Cappamore as the Feile bus arrived back from Fermanagh with the victorious U14 football winners! As Doug explained the final two matches were very tight and required a great effort on the part of the boys. Three past pupils, Mikey, Doug and Tadhg visited with four present pupils, Ultan, Seán, Jamie and Matthew who were also part of the team.

On the Saturday night the East/South divisional team were also participating in the Celtic Challenge final in Carlow. Again as Jack explained,a very tight match that went to extra time again with the Limerick team being victorious. It was great that Ollie Coffey their manager was able to visit also. He praised both sets of champions and encouraged them to continue to develop and participate in GAA games. Ronan, Jack, Kevin and Conor were the past pupils from Tinteriffe that were on the team. To conclude Ollie had two awards for best and fairest player of each game to present, on to Jack and the other to Kevin.



Sports Day!

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Basketball Tournament in Doon!

Well done to the Tineteriffe 6th class girls who participated in a basketball tournament in Doon. Thanks to the Convent School who organised the tournament. The girls enjoyed the day and brought the tournament trophy back to Tineteriffe!












Finals Day in the Gaelic Grounds!

Tineteriffe had a brilliant day in the Gaelic grounds on June 7th, 2017 bringing back both the camogie and hrling trophies to the school. The girls team defeated Ahane N.S. and the boys overcame Caherline N.S.

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Camogie and Hurling Blitz!

Finals Day!

Best of luck to Tineteriffe hurling and camogie teams. Booth have qualified for the finals in the Gaelic Grounds on Wednesday the 7th of May. Tineteriffe boys will play Caherline N.S. and the girls are against Ahane!

On the 15 th of May the girls in 5 th and 6 th travelled to Boher GAA Pitch to compete in the East Limerick championships. They warmed energetically to find out in disappointment that there was no referee. Everyone moped around waiting to clarify if the teacher could find two referees. The weather picked up and with astonishment two referees arrived.

Tineteriffe’s first two matches were won with ease. The goalie and some of the backs never even touched the sliotar. Next up Tineteriffe were playing there arch enemies. They beat them last year but lost against them in the football. It was a fairly even match and everything was level with two minutes to go. Both team were determined to win. Next minute Tineteriffe had a match winning opportunity. Orlaith O Malley stepped up to take the 65. She stuck the ball and it flew over the bar. Everybody cheered with joy. The referee blew his whistle and it was all over.

There was one match left. No matter what the score was Tineteriffe were through to the final. Of course Tineteriffe beat Killinure after a tough game. The final will be held in the Gaelic Grounds on the 7 th of June.

Melissa; 6th Class

Tineteriffe Boys Reach the Final.

On Tuesday the 11 th of May Tineteriffe boys travelled to Boher pitch. It was a beautiful day and beautiful conditions for a hurling match.

The boys warmed up and were ready to go at 12:00 and Patsy Coffey threw in the ball. Tineteriffe were playing Killinure. Killinure were playing down the slope in the first half. Tineteriffes attack was very strong and at half time Tineteriffe were winning after a strong performance. Tineteriffe made a few changes and were back out for the second half. Teneteriffe cruised through the second half.

Tineteriffe went on to win the rest of the matches and are now through to the East Limerick 11 a-side final. It will be played in the Gaelic Grounds.

Matthew; 6th Class

On the 11 th of May Tineteriffe boys were competing in the east limerick school championship. It was held in Boher GAA field. In the first match Tineteriffe played Killinure. The tension was high because Tineteriffe had beaten Killinure in the last three years. Patsy Coffee was the referee. Tineteriffe got off to a great start with 2 points from the first 2 plays. The Tineteriffe defence was indestructible. Tineteriffe were dominating the exciting physical first half.

The ball was thrown in for the second half. Tineteriffe came on with three subs . It did not change the possession or the scoring. Tineteriffe had the momentum after a brialliant performance in the first half. Killunure got tired and that’s when Tineteriffe showed their ability . Tineteriffe won all their games and now go on and to face Knockea in the a Gaelic rounds.

Seán; 6th Class

The boys and girls in 6 th class were victorious in the East Limerick Championships. They’ve been training very hard so they deserve the win They’re now heading to the Gaelic Grounds on the 7 th of June. They’re so excited I hope they win! I knew they won when they walked into the door with delight. All of them had a grin from ear to ear.Even though I’m not interested into hurling I do hope they win in the Gaelic Grounds on the 7 th of June. Good luck to the boys and girls.

Billy M; 6th Class


On the 15 th of May 2017 the Tineteriffe camogie team played their qualifier. Unfortunately the referees were unable to attend and all the teams were crestfallen. After a few tense moments of sheer panic the trainers managed to contact a few more qualified referees and the games began. After two matches the girls were still going strong, Winning the two previous matches had got the adrenaline going and the pulses racing. If the team could manage to win this third match they would be through to the finals held in the Gaelic Grounds.

They were playing Ahane who were very tough scoring the first goal of the game. The opposition scored the first goal of the match and cheered victoriously but little did they know it was all about to change. Tineteriffes defence and attack strengthened and it all became fast pace, Tineteriffe scored an unbelievable goal and after a great late free they scored a point. The performance was unbelievably good and o now both boys and girls victorious are going through to the East Limerick finals.

Caoilinn 6th Class



East Limerick Team


Soccer Tournament in Corbally, 6th Class, March 2017

Athletics Final in Athlone!


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Camogie Mini 7s

Camogie Mini 7s!! March 2017!

Oola, Ahane and Tineteriffe all finished on equal points. Tineteriffe played really well,  scoring some cracking goals and showing great determination and skill in defence. All three teams are now through to the East final on 29th of March   where we'll also meet Lisnagry and Crecora.  

Athletics in UL, March 2017

Indoor Hurling and Camogie,January/February 2017!

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Disapointment in the Gaelic Grounds!

When we went to the Gaelic Grounds , the boys and girls in 5th and 6 thwere in the final. The boys played first but sadly they lost by three points to Caherline. While the boys were playing we and the 4 th were cheering them on despite them suffering a heavy defeat .After a while we were sent to changing room to put on our football boots. Then we went on the pitch for our warm ups.We were equal at half time but Ahane beat us by the one goal. When we got back it was half past 2. The opposition played well. Both girls and boys played well but disappointedly we both lost in the finals .

 When we went to the Gaelic Grounds we were very eager. The pitch was huge and we saw all the teams playing and getting ready. We were in our Tineteriffe jerseys and ready to go. The boys went on first and at the second half we warmed up and did our stretches. The boy’s unfortunately lost against Caherline. Next was our match against Ahane and we were ready to go. We warmed up and we tried our best but unfortunately we lost by a goal. 4 th 5 th and 6 th came. Hopefully we will win next year. It was so fun to play in the Gaelic Grounds. Hopefully we will win in hurling.

On Wednesday the 26 th, two teams, Tineteriffe and Caherline, gathered at the Gaelic grounds for what was to be an exciting match. After an encouraging speech from the captain of Tineteriffe (Billy) and vice captain (Jamie), the game kicked off. Starting off well, both teams rallied the ball back and forth, looking for a score. Eventually the Caherline team managed to squeeze a point. Undeterred, the Tineteriffe team pushed back, only to be greeted by a goal from Caherline! Then Tineteriffe got an outstanding point! After we got our first score then our heads were in the game. But after score after score after score, we sadly did not win. Caherline won by a goal, it was a tough day for the boys.

Caherline defeated Tineteriffe two goals four points to one goal four points.

Yesterday was a dreadful day for the Tineteriffe Gaelic football teams. Both teams did well to get to the final but came home with nothing to show for it. The boys game was first. We were playing Caherline. Our captain Billy Daly went in for the toss and we won it. We had beaten them twice already but that didn’t help. Some of the team were very confident and others just didn’t think about the two wins. We started slow but got into it and half time it was 1-1 to 3 points to Caherline. We were playing alright but not up to our standards. In the second half our discipline let us down. Caherline were letting the ball do the work but we were trying to run it a lot of the time. There was no encouragement from anyone. We could have got a few more decisions from the referee however that did not happen. We gave away soft frees which should not have happened. Our scorers were: Conor, David , Matthew , Sean Mc and Sean H. On the day Caherline were better team.

On Wednesday 26 th of October 2016 Tineteriffe came up against Caherline in the Gaelic Grounds. It was a tough match but at the end of the day there had to be a winner and that was Caherline. Tineteriffe`s captain was Billy and the vice captain was Jamie . The final score was 1-5 to 2-5. The referee was a bit against us and to be honest we definitely had it in us to win but in the end we were not victorious. It really was a shame that we lost since we had beaten Caherline by quite a lot in the qualifiers.

The girls team were playing their final on the day as well and they also came home with no trophy .


Football Championship 2016! Gaelic Grounds, October 26th 2016!

12:00pm  11 a-side boys             Tineteriffe NS   V  Caherline NS

12:40pm  9  a side Girls    (on Pitch A)  Tinteriffe NS   v Ahane NS

Well done to the 5th and 6th class boys who proved to be the strongest team on the day in Boher at the 11 aside blitz. This qualifies them for the final to be played at the end of October.

Tennis Championship; June 2016

Congratulations to the 2016 tennis champions, PJ and Aislinn. Hard luck to the two finalists, Seamus and Ava.!

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Sports Day, June 2016

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Final day beckons!


Tineteriffe Swim Team!


Camogie Blitz, May 2016

Tineteriffe beat Ahane NS and Castleconnell NS and drew with Donaghmore NS and Killinure NS. Games were played in Ahane GAA grounds. Great performance by the girls.



Indoor Hurling, January/ February 2016

Well done to 4th class boys who participated in an indoor championship in Caherconlish! It was an exciting afternoon with matches against Knockea N.S, Scoil Chaitriona ( Cappamore) and Caherconlish N.S.

All matches were close encounters and the final match was the ultimate decider! If either Scoil Chaitriona or Caherconlish had won their battle, then there would have had to be a play off against Tineteriffe. However they drew! Which meant we go forward by the narrowest of margins!

Girls Indoor Camogie Team!

Round 2 Boys Competition!
had a slow start aginst a strong Lisnagry team and were beaten in our first match of the 2nd round. Next was Murroe , a match which was tightly contested but went Tineteriffe's way. To be in with a chance we needed to beat Doon. Our 3rd match started well with Tineteriffe ahead by three goals, but Doon clawed it back. The two teams were evenly matched, but Doon were stronger towards the end and were the tournament victors.

Great determination from the Tineteriffe boys. Well done and hard luck!

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On Friday 6th November the school hall resounded with cheers as members of the Cappamore Intermediate team strolled into Tineteriffe with Brian Coffey (captain) holding the county cup they had recently won. Chairperson Ger Lonergan, Manager Liam Hammersley and players, Andy Murphy, Con Berkery, Mark Treacy (past pupil) and Patrick Doyle (past pupil) answered questions from the audience! They commended the boys and girls on their commitment to GAA in their parishes and encouraged them to continue with this participation.

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Football Autumn, 2015


Boys Football, October 2015!

Well done boys! Tineteriffe played Donoghmore N.S. in the 11 aside football semi-final in Boher. In perfect conditions the boys showed great determination and fine skill to book their place in the final. Caherline played Killinure in the other semi-final with Killinure N.S. the victors by two points.

The final will be played in the Gaelic Grounds on Wednesday the 21st at 11.40am with bus leaving at 10.45am! Both the girls and boys from 5th and 6th will travel.

Thanks to all our supporters and looking forward to seeing you all in the Gaelic Grounds!

Girls Football Team!

Well done to the girls football team who participated in the mini sevens football competition and the 11 aside competition held recently in Ahane GAA field. Mrs. Meskell was very pleased with their competitive spirit and their enthusiam!

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Tennis Final 2015

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Sports Day 2015!

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3rd and 4th Class Tournament in Murroe!

In the first match against Killinure, Tineteriffe won well, by a goal and two points . The team played well, everyone got stuck in and always won the breaking ball. In the second match against Ahane, Tineteriffe whitewashed them, as they didn't score a single point. In the last match, it was more even and Killinure were winning initialy but with a change of keeper, we came back. The mid-fielders were on fire and the defenders were rock solid. For the strikers the goals were like a punching bag. Although we were playing a match that happens once in a lifetime, we were only one point up. Even worse, a Killinure player burst through and went for a shot to try and score. But the goalie had other plans. He leaped up and reached out and stopped the ball with the tip of his hurley. We had won! We won all three matches and cheered our way home!

Culainn: 3rd Class reporter!

Match 1; Tineteriffe won. 3-2 to 1-0. All the ball was in the Ahane half. The match was won thanks to great sidelines, daring points and crucial saves.

Match 2; Tineteriffe won. 2-3 to 0-3. As in the first match, all of the ball was in Killinure's half.

Match 3; Tineteriffe won. 2-4 to 1-3. The ball was moved about more evenly on the pitch in this match. This was a tighter match for Tineteriffe and thanks to a last minute goal , Tineteriffe N.S. won the tournament.

Seán; 3rd Class reporter!



Mackey Cup Win!

Congratulations to Gearoid who represented Tineteriffe N.S on the East Limerick hurling team. They were the county victors and won the Mackey Cup for the first time in a number of years. Here Gearoid is pictured with Tipperary hurler Shane McGrath, at a celebration and presentaion of medals to the team. Congratulations and well done!


They won!!!!!


Ailbe and Emily representing Tineteriffe in the Primary Games matches, during the first round of the football and hurling championship!


Tineteriffe Hurlers through to the hurling final in UL on Wednesday 3rd June. Well done all!


A great start by the girls and boys teams in the hurling and camogie competitions. Pictured are the camogie team who played Roxborough in thier opening match. They have started their campaign succesfully with a good win. The boys have played Killinure N.S. and Ahane N.S. Both were competitive matches with Tineteriffe being the victors. Next outings are against Lisnagry for the girls and Nicker N.S. for the boys. Best of luck to all!



Indoor Hurling, January 2015

The 4th class boys had a great afternoon in Caherconlish. 
They played Knockea, Caherline and Doon. They won one, drew one and 
lost one. A great result boys, well done!


Tennis Tournament, June 2014

Congratultions to our two finalists Darragh and Seán!

Congratulations to our two finalists in the girl's competition, Maxine and Orlagh!

Hurling Season, Summer 2014

3rd and 4th classes had a great day in Doon participating in their hurling blitz. Wonderful weather and some great hurling. The boys won one, drew one and lost one match.

Camogie final day in UL.

Round 4; Well done girls! They played Lisnagry in their last match of the group. They led by three goals at half time but Lisnagry attacked strongly in the second half. Nailbiting stuff wth Tineteriffe the victors. They meet Crecora in the final. The last time these two met, it was a draw!

This was the last match for the boys in this group. Short a few players Ailbe and Emily joined them to add some strength. It was a draw at half time. Unfortunately although Tineteriffe battled really strongly, Killinure won in the end by a comfortable margin.

Round 3; The boys team played Nicker N.S. at home in Cappamore. A keenly contested match with little to seperate the sides, it was won in the end by Tineteriffe. Next match for boys and girls teams is the 1st week in June with their final match of the season before the finals on the 9th of June.

Round 2; The boys' team played Ahane N.S. in the second round. Ahane got off to a fine start with goals in quick succession. The team curbed this in the second half but scores didn't come easily and Ahane were the winners. The girl's team led by two goals at half time, but Crecora came back strongly in the second half and were leading at one stage by 3 points. Great defensive work by Tineteriffe and a well worked goal, brought the teams to level scoring as the whistle blew! Well done girls!

Round 1;A great start by Tineteriffe's hurling and camogie teams, as both returned victorious from their opening matches. The boys played Knockea N.S. in a skillful encounter with Tineteriffe finishing comfortably in the end. The girls led at one stage by 6 points, but a goal by Roxborough put them back into contention. It was a nailbiting finish with Tineteriffe winning by a single point. Keep up the good work!


Antrim v Limerick!

Tineteriffe v Gleanann

The sun shone in Tineteriffe on Saturday the 7th of June as Antrim (Gleanann Primary School, Cushendall) played Limerick (Tineteriffe N.S.) in a friendly, hurling and camogie blitz. Two very competitive matches with the northeners the victors by a narrow margin. More importantly all the boys and girls had a wonderful morning, playing and chatting with their new friends.

The Antrim school was on their school tour visting Croke park on route, the blitz in Tineteriffe on Saturday and watching Tipp v Limerick in Pairc na nGael on Sunday. A great weekend for them and capped by a great victory by Limerick seniors!

Pictured are the hurling and camogie teams that participated in the blitz. All the children are aged ten or eleven.