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Today I interviewed my Aunt Bridget on things she did at my age!

Bridget went to Tineteriffe School. She got to school by walking, along the way she would meet her friends. For writing she used ink from inkwells on the desk.

Her hobbies included playing hopscotch, rounders, reading and even making pretend cakes from mud.

Bridget used to go to the cinema in Cappamore. It was called the Regal Cinema and it was owned by Willie Gleeson. The first film she recalls seeing was Bear Rabbit. She remembers going to see The Greatest Story Ever Told with the school, it was a story about The Bible.

At home her family had a garden with potatoes, cabbages and other vegetables. They had hens for eggs, goats, pigs and turkeys. She used to go to a neighbouring farmer to get a gallon of milk every day.

When Bridget got older she used to go to different dances. There was The Star Ballroom in Cappamore and The Oyster Ballroom in Dromkeen. She also went to the Community centre in Cappamore where she met her husband, Mike.

Molly 5th!


Interview with my Mam

Tell me about Music:

The 80’s music was the best of all time. We had legendary artists like Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Prince etc.

What were your hobbies:
Gymnastics, kung fu, tennis and running around outside with my siblings.

Where did you go to school:

I went to Kilinure school, I like it there, I enjoyed my lessons. The teacher was very cross! She would slap children who did not know the answers.

Did you go to the cinema:

We used to go to the cinema in Cappamore. We saw 'Back to the Future', there. We could buy sweets and coke on the way in.

Did ye go to dances:
The only dance we used to go to was the ShowDance in Cappamore, the night of the Cappamore Show.

Farming :

We weren’t farmers but I used to help out and babysit a lot at my friends farm.


My Dad had a Volkswagon Beetle and my mam had a Honda 50 motorbike!

Mali 6th.

I interviewed my granny

When she was in school she had to walk to school every day . Her yard was small and there was not many cars so the older children where aloud to play out on the road at break . Dinner time was during school so my granny walked home for dinner. There was only 2 teachers in the whole school so the classes were split up as juniors, seniors ,1 st ,2 nd and the other class was 3 rd ,4 th ,5 th and 6 th .

Her hobbies where knitting and she liked to read books .she was aloud to walk to her friends house to play .When she was younger she liked to play with dolls .And she also helped on the farm a lot.

Transport .
When she was young she travelled on pony and cart to mass and town and sometimes on train from Dromkeen . when granny was 5 she got her first car and the used that transport but she did not go to town often

There was a cinema in Cappamore, but when she was young she did not go often but when she was a teenager she went more often

There was a hall in Cappamore opposite the library and that is where her older sisters would have danced in the 1950s the first show dance was in 1954.But then a hall in Dromkeen was built so granny would have danced there .

Most children would have helped on the farm .Granny and her siblings would have helped feed the calves because she was a Dairy farmer.Granny would have helped bring in the cows for milking and then help milk them .bringing in the cows she would have had to bring them on the road .

Roisin 4th

My granddad grew up in Dublin. His school was hard and he failed his 6 th class primary exam. His hobbies were stamp collecting and airfix modelling. They were really fun.

As he got older he got a motorcycle. The family got around in a car. His favourite movie was , ‘The King and I’ and he said that the cinema was a lot different than it is now. My granddad did no farming but thought it was very hard.

Darragh 6th.